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Views - 213

Time Left - 44 Days, 11 Hours

Paid Position

Epic Artist Needed for the game Epic Pilot

in Hobbyist Projects by programad

Hi.I'm about to launch my first game by the end of april but I would like to finish an old game I have. This one:http://demo.anteatergames.com/epicpilotThe game changes the graphic and sound style from 8bit atari to 16bit and to HD with certain ev...

Views - 399

Time Left - 40 Days, 15 Hours

Veteran Programmer looking for work

in Programming Services by jonathon99

Hello everyone,It's been a while since I've made a post in here but am on the hunt for new frontiers! I have over ten years experience developing games and have launched five of my own titles on Steam and the Apple Store. Three of these games were...

Views - 332

Time Left - 39 Days, 21 Hours

Paid Position


in Programmer by JboschAyguade

Game Troopers is currently undergoing an expansion and require a Lead Programmer to work on a range of mobile and some console titles.As the Lead Programmer you will be working on performance optimization & diagnostic on 3D and some 2D games,...

Views - 339

Time Left - 38 Days, 23 Hours

Music/Sound Design From Gamer To Gamers

in Audio Production by leadsquid

Hi! My name is Dmitriy Paderin.In my portfolio you can find music and sound effects for films, commercials and videogames.I believe my strong points are my Creativeness and Punctuality. My #1 goal will always be to meet your needs and deadline. Wh...

Views - 166

Time Left - 34 Days, 7 Hours

Paid Position

Freelance 3d artist

in Art Production by Broadleaf

Hey guys my name is Alex and im a 3d artist.Please write me toantonov.3d@gmail.comor skype : antonov.3dwww.alexantonov.netHere are some of my latest/best works in gamedev the rest you can see in my portfolio.

Views - 709

Time Left - 30 Days, 8 Hours

Creative and experienced game music guy

in Audio Production by SLSinOZ

Hi everyone - I've been writing music for games since the mid-nineties midi file soundblaster days (SNES, etc.) and for titles like Reader Rabbit, Putt Putt Joins The Circus, and Legacy Of Kain. Most recently I created the music for Terraria from...

Views - 691

Time Left - 29 Days, 20 Hours

Make Artwork for The Ditty of Carmeana better than abysmal

in Hobbyist Projects by aerojockey

Let's get right to the point. The Ditty of Carmeana's graphics suck so bad that I'm not even going to show you a screenshot. And yet it is currently Top 100 in Steam Greenlight with over 2000 Yes votes. That should tell you that underneath the hid...

Views - 157

Time Left - 29 Days, 15 Hours

Free open source sci-fi GlPortal is looking for developers

in Hobbyist Projects by glportal

Hello, we are looking for more developers. Either C++ or python or web.

Views - 484

Time Left - 29 Days, 14 Hours

Paid Position

[PAID] UE4 AI Robo Spider Programming

in Programmer by BackstageGamesLead

Brief Task SummaryProgramming of an AI controlled Robot Spider that can move up and down walls and ceilings, navigate rooms and levels, and attack enemies. The spider will be exclusively AI driven, and never controlled directly by the player. Note...

Views - 170

Time Left - 29 Days, 11 Hours

Paid Position

Lead World builder/ programmer Wanted

in Hobbyist Projects by GeneralJist

Greetings, We are a moderately experienced team who have been in the process of developing a RTS mod. We are now looking to starting a fresh inde project with a projected 1.5 year commitment. We are in the pre-production phase, and are looking fo...

Views - 126

Time Left - 29 Days, 8 Hours

Coders, 2D Artists, 3D animators Wanted @ Tiberium Secrets RTS

in Hobbyist Projects by GeneralJist

Greetings everyone,I'm Eric, the project coordinator of an Command & Conquer RTS mod. we're reaching our scheduled Alpha this summer, featuring our 1st faction.We're looking for dedicated Individuals who are interested in helping complete this...

Views - 328

Time Left - 29 Days, 4 Hours

The Gamination Company

in Hobbyist Projects by Gamination

Visit us at gamination.createaforum.com Currently we consist of only one member... me. But you can change that! Just join our group on facebook, and you can become part of my team! We are currently looking for: Game Programmers Graphic Artists...

Views - 280

Time Left - 28 Days, 23 Hours

Looking for a Team to develop a S-RPG

in Hobbyist Projects by Timolu

Hi Everybody! This project will be a SRPG (or Tactical-RPG) like Fire Emblem, Disgaea, FF Tactics, a.s.o. The targetted plattform will most likely be android. I Am a computer Science master, but my coding skills are subpar to that of a dedicated...

Views - 578

Time Left - 28 Days, 8 Hours

C# Programmer, 5 years in C# and 1.5 years experience in Unity

in Programming Services by UserAnon91

Hey all. Following a series of layoffs at my old company, I'm currently unemployed and looking for things to do with programming in Unity.I have a number of side projects that I've started, but I'm looking to make some money helping out other peop...

Views - 289

Time Left - 28 Days, 3 Hours

Need Programmer - Text-Based RPG

in Hobbyist Projects by blink2

Hello. I go by blink. I have drafted a great design for a text-based RPG to serve as a prototype for a greater game in the future with an organized studio team. For now I need a programmer that can construct the program for me based on my bluepr...

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