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Views - 779

Time Left - 18 Days, 8 Hours

Paid Position

DirectX 9 to DirectX 11

in Programmer by STX970

I need a programmer that can port code from DirectX 9 to DirectX 11. The code is written in VC++. Please contact me at stx970@gmail.com. Candidates in California, USA (LA and Orange County) will be given preference. Familiarity with Visual Studio...

Views - 719

Time Left - 27 Days, 7 Hours

R&D Graphics Engineer

in Programmer by Siggraph

Smartisense GmbH is a new startup based in Frankfurt, Germany. We are a forming professional team with computer graphics and computer vision veterans working on interesting projects to push the boundaries of realtime graphics, computer vision and...

Views - 634

Time Left - 19 Days, 9 Hours

Paid Position

Experienced, professional 2d animator/illustrator for hire

in Art Production by Blake from Dinofarm Games

Greetings, future clients!My name is Blake Reynolds, and I have been producing 2d assets for Indie games for eight years. I produced virtually every piece of visual art for two titles, 2010's iOS Rogue-like 100 Rogues, and more recently the 2014 i...

Views - 353

Time Left - Expired

We are a small team looking for people

in Hobbyist Projects by ALOPEZ63

Hello GameDev community!We are a small start up team (currently unnamed) working on our first title, "To The Last Breath". Check out our teamup page for more information:http://www.teamups.net/teamup/685The following positions are available:3D Art...

Views - 302

Time Left - 37 Days, 22 Hours

Paid Position

Looking for AS3 Programmer/Artist

in Programmer by In-tu-i-tive

Intuitive Software Solutions Ltd is currently seeking a Programmer/Artist to join our team.We are currently working on a online cloud based flash program that works for ourclients in remote services handling logistics, transportation etc. We also...

Views - 300

Time Left - 16 Days, 18 Hours

Project 'Archon' - Seeking staff members

in Hobbyist Projects by ProjectArchon

Hello everyone on the gamedev.net forums. I am an individual who represents a small group of people working on a project for a new kind of MMO. As of right now, this is purely at the conceptual and design stages, however we require assistance. Thi...

Views - 284

Time Left - Expired


in Hobbyist Projects by TheTradingGame

All information to be found here: http://www.teamups.net/teamup/859/The-Trading-Game

Views - 266

Time Left - Expired

Innovative Turn-Based RPG with a wounderful story

in Hobbyist Projects by RPGDreamer

I have a dream to create a modern turn-based RPG, with modern I mean that it'll have beautiful high-res graphics ( not fully 3D that is impossible for a hobby project, but rather isometric ) , a high quality story with wounderful characters, and a...

Views - 248

Time Left - Expired

Programming looking for team or partner

in Hobbyist Projects by GC11556

I am a programmer looking for a team to work in or just someone to program with. I am best in Java, but I have messed with C/C++, Unity, and Unreal Engine. I'm flexible so I can work in just about anything given enough time. I am far from the best...

Views - 247

Time Left - 11 Days, 2 Hours

Paid Position

Fantasy RPG-themed Business Card designs

in Artist by PeregrineStudios

Hi there!While it's not strictly game design, this seemed like the logical place to look for someone to create some awesome game-style designs.I design and sell 3D printed geek jewelry online as Peregrine Studios (you can check some it out here on...

Views - 242

Time Left - 14 Days, 3 Hours

The Wanderer - Recruiting cycle 3

in Hobbyist Projects by BaneTrapper

Hello inspiring game maker!Do you want to get better in making games? get experience to write in your portfolio?Then this is the project for you.This is 2D top down pixel art, real time, single player, RPG.You can get little more information on th...

Views - 242

Time Left - 32 Days, 15 Hours

RaginBear Studio [Recruitment]

in Hobbyist Projects by RaginBearStudio

Hello people,We are RaginBear Studio and we're seeking people to join us in our project Cael Dominis, an exciting new sci-fi space action title consisting of an innovative cocktail that blends massive scale strategy RPG, management, ship construc...

Views - 235

Time Left - 14 Days, 4 Hours

Looking for a C# progammer to work on game prototypes.

in Hobbyist Projects by Hayden Zammit

Hi.A friend and I are looking to establish our own startup studio and work on our own games. Between us we have 7 years of industry experience in environment art, character art, art direction and design.Currently, we are searching for a programmer...

Views - 230

Time Left - 9 Days, 20 Hours

looking for partners

in Hobbyist Projects by jdc

Game Designer and programmer looking for partners.My current project page:http://www.indiedb.com/games/medivel-titansadd me on skype: saint.softwareOr send email : eva.project.dev@gmail.com

Views - 223

Time Left - 18 Days, 17 Hours

AoP - looking for help.

in Hobbyist Projects by genesaika

Age of Pandemonium is a fantasy MMORPG with a fast paced action combat system, some examples would be TERA and Black Desert Online. The world is dynamic and allows the players to play how ever they see fit, gaining levels and experience through ma...

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