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Experienced Pixel And Concept Artist

Expiration - 6 Days, 20 Hours

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Views - 78

Expiration - 29 Days, 15 Hours

Composer For Hire - Elastic Music

in Audio Production by

My name is Nick Torretta, and I am a professional composer for all things media.  I've written for nationally televised commercials, network syndicated television shows, film and video games. I love what I do, and am always on the hunt for m...

Views - 306

Expiration - 20 Days, 22 Hours

Prof And Fresh Music (Games, Promos, Animations) And Sound Fx

in Audio Production by

Hello! My name is Ilia, I compose music for everyday usage: video games, animations and so on. I like impressive video games, colourful cartoons and animation - in short words all that gives people joy. Quantity of my finished projects is app...

Views - 474

Expiration - 6 Days, 20 Hours

Experienced Pixel And Concept Artist

in Art Production by

Concept and Pixel ArtistSpecializing in Monsters and BackgroundsPainterly sprites, animation, tilesets I'm an experienced concept and pixel artist with industry experience. I have a keen eye for light, anatomy, and pixel animation- specializi...

Views - 339

Expiration - 13 Hours, 28 Minutes

Michael Elmquist, Composer For Hire

in Audio Production by

I cycle between playing games, making music for games, pub and repeat.  If you're working on a game and need a composer, feel free to contact me to start a conversation. Here are links to some of my works, General Video Game Music :: Mus...

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