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Are you looking for a team to join or for someone to join your team? Post about it here. Note: This category of ads is to help hobbyists connect. Commercial game jobs should NOT be listed here.

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Views - 258

Time Left - Expired

Post-war RTS game looking for team members

in Hobbyist Projects by ATCraiger

Project Title:Project Dark Star (Working Title)Description:We're building a story driven RTS that's set immediately after World War 3, in the near future. In the game, god comes down from the sky and brings his angels. They stop the nations from w...

Views - 152

Time Left - Expired

Electronic music and sound producer looking for projects...

in Hobbyist Projects by FastnBulbous

I've been playing around with music and sound for quite a number of years and decided it's time to combine this with my gaming passion. Having recently made a significant enough step in investing in a viable setup, I can now make some pretty high...

Views - 183

Time Left - Expired

Hobbyist Programmer Seek 2D pixel artist / level designer

in Hobbyist Projects by cj785

I'm working on a 2D tile engine based game. Hoping to find a pixel artist who can make game tiles and in turn use the tiles to build maps, for a game. I have a degree in Electronic Engineering, but I'm just a hobbyist programming with Visual C++ E...

Views - 175

Time Left - Expired

Paid Position

Looking for a 3D Graphics Software Engineering Programmer

in Hobbyist Projects by telind2

Applied Minds is a small company in the Los Angeles area that invents, designs and prototypes breakthrough products and services for both industry and government. We are an interdisciplinary group of artists, scientists and engineers, with skills...

Views - 268

Time Left - Expired

Programmer fluent in either C# or JavaScript wanted

in Hobbyist Projects by RPGMaster2000

Sound of Silence is a psychological horror game that aims to deliver an intensely frightening experience by adapting to the player's actions. Watch the original concept video here.We are looking to add another Unity programmer to our team to help...

Views - 288

Time Left - Expired

[Scrum Team] Looking For More

in Hobbyist Projects by tysurfs

Hello fellow Devs!I keep this short and simple. My name is Ty and i am the Founder of Interlight Studio, a small independent game development team formed by talented individuals worldwide. We are seeking talented, creative individuals for the deve...

Views - 154

Time Left - Expired

Looking for 2D Raster Graphic Designer

in Hobbyist Projects by HanzUpp3r

I'm working on my first big simple game but I don't know how to describe what kind of games is this(at least this is RPG game but no real-time [MMO maybe...]). I'm working for now with copied tiles from other games, but I would like to find someon...

Views - 159

Time Left - 21 Hours, 15 Minutes

Skilled Animator needed

in Hobbyist Projects by I M RON

We are a small yet very dedicated team working on a demo of our 3D R.P.G. game, The Telerian Chronicles. The project is built upon the Unity engine on the PC platform, we are also using programs such as Skype and Trello for collaborative purposes....

Views - 283

Time Left - 1 Days, 3 Hours

New Game

in Hobbyist Projects by jab9k3

I'm currently looking for someone or one's to make a simple 2D game with. I have a few ideas and am basically looking to learn some programming through making games; thought it might be a little more fun as I do not have tons of experience. I am c...

Views - 199

Time Left - 1 Days, 23 Hours

Concept Artist looking for work

in Hobbyist Projects by Oxin

I got a Cintiq a few weeks ago and I'd like to expand my portfolio using it.

Views - 226

Time Left - 3 Days, 3 Hours

Programmer seeking pixel artist and music/sound artist.

in Hobbyist Projects by VellosFree

I'm a fairly experienced programmer seeking for a music artist and a pixel artist. More details below.

Views - 264

Time Left - 3 Days, 5 Hours

Snute Studios Help Wanted

in Hobbyist Projects by SnuteStudios

Snute Studios (not a registered company) Game - IMPORTANT: This job is an internship hence will not be paid however can be referenced on a CV (if more details are required contact the following email address snutestudios@gmail.com). Anyone wish...

Views - 216

Time Left - 4 Days, 9 Hours

New game dev looking for artist partner

in Hobbyist Projects by AgentPaper

Current project is Star Hunter, a 2d shoot'em'up with RPG elements and a bit of story to spice things up. I already have a prototype with most of the basic elements working, and hope to have it complete (and just in need of content/testing/tweakin...

Views - 230

Time Left - 4 Days, 13 Hours

The Digital Frontier

in Hobbyist Projects by Golbez22

Hello my name is Cody Smith a 20 year old Graphic designer from New Hampsire (unfortunately working a Wal-Mart). I want to realize my passion for the world of Tron by starting a hobbyist project with the goal of bringing that world to life in the...

Views - 303

Time Left - 5 Days, 8 Hours

Professional Programmer seeking development team

in Hobbyist Projects by Dan Mayor

I am a professional programmer, specifically the senior software developer for a legal / banking regulation support firm. I have always had an interest in game development. I am looking to build or join a small team of talented individuals to de...

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