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Are you looking for a team to join or for someone to join your team? Post about it here. Note: This category of ads is to help hobbyists connect. Commercial game jobs should NOT be listed here.

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Views - 52

Time Left - 28 Days, 23 Hours

CGT is seeking Sr. concept artists Social Media manager

in Hobbyist Projects by tysurfs

Hello Forum members,My name is Ty and my team is looking for more people to join our project . We have been working very hard for the past 2 months to develop our game. We are well on our way to an alpha. We are currently seeking passionate and cr...

Views - 119

Time Left - 28 Days, 15 Hours

[3D Animators & XML coders] Wanted for SciFi RTS

in Hobbyist Projects by GeneralJist

Greetings everyone,We are an RTS modification for Command& conquer Tiberium wars.We're scheduled to reach Alpha late summer.We're looking for dedicated Individuals, who are interested & able to join us on this journey.(Owning a copy of or...

Views - 76

Time Left - 27 Days, 17 Hours

Nordic Experienced Developer Looking For Artist Partner

in Hobbyist Projects by Orujimaru

Hi, In the coming months I'll find myself with a lot of spare time, so I'm throwing myself out there to see what opportunities arise. I'm an experienced developer, I have both experience from the AAA industry and released indie games. My best qua...

Views - 100

Time Left - 27 Days, 10 Hours

C++/C# Programmer looking for side project

in Hobbyist Projects by jjamesdk

Hello all, I am looking for a side project to get my feet wet in Game Development, and something fun to do outside of my day job. I have been working in the Software Industry for 1 year now, and in another year I will have my Associates Degree in...

Views - 101

Time Left - 25 Days, 8 Hours

Looking for 3D character/texture/rigging/animation artists

in Hobbyist Projects by eldwin11929

Looking for 3D character modelers/texturers/riggers/animators to join our group. Please email if interested.Game project here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=320154534&searchtext=and here: http://www.indiedb.com/games/ba...

Views - 159

Time Left - 24 Days,


in Hobbyist Projects by renasqum

I'm seeking collaborators to work on this current project Esoteric: Dark Hierarchy. The game is in development for over 3 months, you must have basic knowledge in Unreal Engine 4, especially in Blueprint, and must make a commitment to be dedicated...

Views - 170

Time Left - 23 Days, 23 Hours

Thrive project seeks contributors, especially programmers

in Hobbyist Projects by DrChewbacca

THRIVE is an established game project to build a game about the history of life, right from the current Microbe Stage into the far future a Space Stage. The aim is to be as scientifically accurate as possible while remaining fun. The game is open...

Views - 101

Time Left - 23 Days, 12 Hours

[Kickstarter]Digital Immersions Combat Simulator

in Hobbyist Projects by darian_glinski

This project is a full, all out combat simulator. Players will have the opportunity to fly over real world terrain in their favorite aircrafts, drive over terrain in their favorite vehicles or operate naval vessels in the theatre of operations. Ou...

Views - 198

Time Left - 22 Days, 18 Hours

Charity Game needs people

in Hobbyist Projects by Braincakestuff

This is a non paying project.Hi, I'm Adam Snowflake. I'm working on a video game where all profits are set to go to charity. We're looking into charities that are doing children's healthcare and or cancer/disability/disorder research and awareness...

Views - 406

Time Left - 22 Days, 13 Hours

Help with RPG (serious people only)

in Hobbyist Projects by Ryzon

I am looking for fellow 3D artist and programmers. Coding wise you must know c++, c#, or java as we will be using a specified engine of either Unity, Eunreal, or Wave. Possible custom if we have one.I myself have over 6 years experience with game...

Views - 138

Time Left - 21 Days, 12 Hours

[ProfitShare] Level Designer C# Programmer Rigger/Animator

in Hobbyist Projects by xLINDZx

Hello!My name is Lindsey and I am creating an advanced 3D Zombie survival game. I'm hoping to have this game be as advanced as possible, with lots of crafting, smelting, cooking, hunting, fishing, leveling, skill trees, and much more. I have a tea...

Views - 121

Time Left - 21 Days, 10 Hours

Looking for Javascript/Nodejs Programmers

in Hobbyist Projects by eldwin11929

Looking for javascript/nodejs programmers for our game project. We're currently developing a game in Unity and are looking for programmers to help with backend/server programming. Skills in C#/Unity are also recommended.Game project here: http://s...

Views - 162

Time Left - 21 Days, 5 Hours

OpenRTS - a real-time strategy game engine coded in Java

in Hobbyist Projects by methusalah999

Hi everybody,I would like to talk about that project we've been working on since some mounths.OpenRTS is an open-source real-time strategy game 3D engine, coded in Java 8, powered by jMonkey Engine and multi-platform.It intends to allow the develo...

Views - 123

Time Left - 21 Days, 1 Hour

Passionate and driven team looking for Sr.concept artist/s

in Hobbyist Projects by tysurfs

Hello Forum members,My name is Ty and my team is looking for more people to join our project . I have posted here before and our team is almost complete. Our team has been live for a month and half and we have been working hard and created awesome...

Views - 271

Time Left - 20 Days, 10 Hours

Genso Shoujokosen: Battle Maiden

in Hobbyist Projects by Peacock Roy

AboutGenso Shojokosen: Battle Maiden (Working title) is an upcoming fighting game featuring gameplay based on that of Nintendo's popular Super Smash Bros. fighting game and featuring characters, settings, and music from the vertical shoot-'em-up s...

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