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Hobbyist Projects

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Programming looking for team or partner

by GC11556

Time Left - 29 Days, 16 Hours

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Are you looking for a team to join or for someone to join your team? Post about it here. Note: This category of ads is to help hobbyists connect. Commercial game jobs should NOT be listed here.

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Views - 54

Time Left - 28 Days, 18 Hours

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in Hobbyist Projects by DIFTOW

Project Title:PiratesDescription:An Unreal 4 Engine Game:Pirates is a multiplayer combat-sim themed in the 18th century Caribbean.You are placed in the role of a pirate and will find yourself battling other pacts,competing for precious booty,and w...

Views - 110

Time Left - 23 Days, 5 Hours

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Scrut Hut

in Hobbyist Projects by scrut.hut

Scrut Hut - A game engine for real time 3d games for android windows/linux; a platform for business applications as well yielding a completely cross platform system to distribute business computing with novel business application feature. The engi...

Views - 250

Time Left - 2 Days, 12 Hours

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REPTINATOR (formerly "Reptomom") wants YOU!

in Hobbyist Projects by ktastrophe

In the past as we know it, a major extinction event ended the race of animals known as dinosaurs. But in a future not our own, something has survived...REPTINATOR is a 2-D platformer being developed in MonoGame 3.x. Inspired by another "-nator" yo...

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