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Are you looking for a team to join or for someone to join your team? Post about it here. Note: This category of ads is to help hobbyists connect. Commercial game jobs should NOT be listed here.

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Views - 800

Time Left - 25 Days, 21 Hours


Looking for team members for your game? Try Game Collab!

in Hobbyist Projects by gamecollab

Game Collab is a platform designed to match people who are passionate about making games. Whether you want to hire a freelancer, find a partner to collaborate with, post a full-time job or look for a publisher, you'll find your match here. Connect...

Views - 533

Time Left - 3 Days, 2 Hours

Any Available Programmers for TRiBE? (w/ Gameplay Picture)

in Hobbyist Projects by CFrac

CONCEPT: TRiBE is a 2D PvP/Co-Op Based Arena Multiplayer Game that takes place within a fictional landscape resembling Africa during a time of tribal separation between four major tribes. Player’s play as one out of four unique Tribal Leaders who...

Views - 495

Time Left - 6 Hours, 27 Minutes

I need a team for a Kickstarter project

in Hobbyist Projects by kaisaiku

To aspiring developers, I'm a Game Design and Concept Specialist. I spend months at a time talking to "gamers" about my game ideas before putting one together. I have been developing the concept of this game for approximately six months and have...

Views - 436

Time Left - Expired

Game Designer & Animator for StoneRage

in Hobbyist Projects by Reok1

Hello there, we are Mountainwheel Games™, a small indie company which started 2011. We're based in Austria, but our team is scattered across the world and connected via forums and Skype to share and collaborate our work. Most of us have never met....

Views - 373

Time Left - 4 Days, 17 Hours

Epoch Games Team Recruitment

in Hobbyist Projects by lnsanity

Epoch Games is currently recruiting for additional team-members.Epoch Games is an all-volunteer, non-profit team of (currently) 26 members (note: there will be NO monetary compensation), all of whom are dedicated in our task of making amazing game...

Views - 370

Time Left - Expired

Seeking team members for MMORPG project

in Hobbyist Projects by Valthix

Hello, I am Daniël, lead developer and level designer for a yet to be announced MMORPG. The game is based on an existing fantasy world/story which we will try to fully create in form of an online role-playing game. We are using the HeroEngine to a...

Views - 357

Time Left - 12 Days, 5 Hours

Indie PC Game Development Group looking for new members.

in Hobbyist Projects by battleonfan1

Hi. My name is John Wells. I am a part of a Indie game company known as Orien Games. Come join us on our journey to create PC games and possibly Flash games.

Views - 318

Time Left - 11 Days, 12 Hours

Game Dev Team Needed!

in Hobbyist Projects by ItsMe13

Hello,Im starting to develop an MMORPG game and looking for a team of people to help develop it,to make things simpler everything that is created for the game, For example assets,etc will be put onto one of my servers.I will be posting a kickstart...

Views - 317

Time Left - 4 Days, 20 Hours

Hemp and Swords - Seeking 3D Artists and C++ Programmers

in Hobbyist Projects by Halliom

Hello gamedev.net!We are a small hobby developer duo, based in Sweden looking to start a new project and we would like your help!The game we are hoping to create is a 17-19th century naval battle game where two ships fight for each others treasure...

Views - 287

Time Left - Expired

Looking for talented developers - The Burning Realm

in Hobbyist Projects by theburningrealm

The Burning Realm is a free to play MMORPG!The player will start out in a human based peaceful village. After starting out and learning the game they will be given to join one of two sides. Each has a unique theme and story line. Between the two s...

Views - 284

Time Left - 17 Days, 22 Hours

Looking for people for a small game/project

in Hobbyist Projects by liam1729

Hey I'm a 21 year old programmer with experience in Java using lwjgl and libgdx, I've made some small games. So looking for some dedicated people to join me in making some sort of game, i have no preferences on what sort of game it is I can dedi...

Views - 283

Time Left - Expired

Seeking Artist for my indie game project

in Hobbyist Projects by MorByzantine

Hi all,I am a indie Unity Developer that just enter the Community and did my first "long" project. My aim now is just to make something cool and gain more experience. Have a look into the demo and the work that I have done. Any experienced or non-...

Views - 279

Time Left - 18 Days, 13 Hours

Team looking for fresh blood

in Hobbyist Projects by glportal

Wants:Writing, C++, Blender, Mapping, Foley, 3D and 2D Art.Haves:Very active team, a lot of players, low pressure, low stress environment,International Team, different toolchains and programming languages.Contact:Through PM here or on the website....

Views - 275

Time Left - 4 Days, 16 Hours

Recruiting motivated talents for unpaid hobby project!

in Hobbyist Projects by Daanoontje

Hi there everybody!If you have a particular talent to be used in gamemaking then this is the project for you!I myself am a 20 year old student from the Netherlands with a lifelong passion for great gaming experiences. This started early on with ga...

Views - 275

Time Left - 14 Days,

[UNPAID] [CyberBit Crew] Looking for Team Members

in Hobbyist Projects by sarvsav

Hi Everyone,We are working on a project nambed cyberbit. The project is a learning project. In this project, we will create a 2D side scroller superhero fantasy based game. The game is influenced from secret maryo. The technology we are using for...

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