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Pixel-Style Sprites/Tiles Wanted For Zelda-Like Game Unpaid Position

Time Left - 4 Days, 10 Hours

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Team Structure

Stephen C-K (Me) - Lead Designer/Programmer

Talent Needed

Graphic Artist/Spriter

Contact Method

Email - sck8000@gmail.com

Previous Work by Team


Project Info

Project Name

Kingdom Dawn (Working Title)


Currently developed in Game Maker Studio, for eventual release on PC/Mac/Linux.

Additional Info

A strange youngster awakes in the ruins of an old kingdom, and begins a long and perilous quest to free the world from its cold, grey grip... And along the way, they just might discover a bit about their past.




So I've got a game project underway that's of a similar vein to the classic 2D Zelda titles. It's a "top down" game focused largely on exploration and puzzles, though there are plenty of enemies and hidden things to uncover along the way. You'll travel to dungeons, uncover their secrets and slowly bring about the rebirth of an ancient kingdom.

Since the coding side of things is going so smoothly right now, I figured it was time to start thinking about graphics. But I'm no Leonardo Da Vinci, and currently the game looks incredibly plain. I'm hoping to team up with someone in order to start bringing things visually to life. Because nobody wants to wander around a wide explorable world if everywhere looks the same.

I will be able to pay someone a bit of cash to contribute, but the reason this post is in the "Hobbyist" section is because currently I don't have enough funds devoted to this game to properly hire someone longer term. :/ While this may change in the future, and will be perfectly do-able if the game succeeds, I can't guarantee that, and I'm not naive enough to insist that crowd-funding a project this early would be a undeniable success.

Anyway, I'm still working hard at adding more code to the game, and hopefully I'll have the pleasure of working with someone to add better graphics soon too! :) Feel free to ask whatever you want about the project, there's a lot of stuff I haven't mentioned yet.
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