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  • Submitted: Apr 23 2012 09:22 PM
  • Last Updated: Aug 26 2012 08:39 PM
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Download AStarSampleApp.zip 1.0

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A*AStar AStar Component Pathfinding TemporalWars Game Engine Development Software Extension WPF C# Tools sample demonstration demo threads fast performance optimized XNA XBOX PC



This A* XNA Component is designed from the ground up, to take full advantage of the XBox's and PC threading capabilities. The A* component contains an A* Manager, with three A* path finding engines, allowing for 3 simultaneous path searches, while also maintaining excellent performance and low G.C.(Garbage Collection).

Performance is achieved and maintained, due to key concepts incorporated into the A* component, like the 'Cheap List'[3] methology. Also the 'Closed List'[4] is eliminated all together, since an array with Enum types are used to quickly update the status of A* nodes inside the core A* algorithm.

The A* XNA component also contains the A*-Graph, which allows for directly tracking blocked/unblocked nodes; a vital part of the pathfinding formula. Furthermore, the A*-Graph accepts point-value setting, to influence different parts of the map; for example, higher point-values represent rough terrain, and lower point-values represent passable terrain. The A*-Graph is automatically used in the core A* algorithm, influencing the overall pathfinding search results.


NOW ON CODEPLEX -> astarpathfindingapp.codeplex.com Posted Image 

What you Get!

The download zip file contains the 'AStarComponent.dll' assembly, designed to be usable in any other XNA project for the PC and Xbox-360.  You can also use the bindable component in other types of projects, like simple WPF (Windows Presentation Format) projects for school demonstrations or for learning the A* algorithm.   The 'AStarComponent.dll' assembly is designed for extreme performance, and was tested 1000 of hours on the Xbox-360 and PC.

The download zip also contains a simple WPF 'AStarSampleApp', shown in the picture above, which shows you how to use the AStar component.  With this sample application, you can study the C# code to see how to call and create A* solution paths in seconds.  The code shows how to start bind the assembly, initialize the iternal A* graph, and make "Find-Path" solution paths in a matter of seconds!  Feel free to use the code in any project you desire.

Main Features

    A* Manager, cordinating requests internally with the A* engines. 3-Thread engine design, using all 3 processors on the Xbox-360. Designed to maintain a low GC (Garbage Collection). Optimized A* engine using concepts like the 'Cheap List' to reduce search times.A* Graph, tracking Blocked/Unblocked path nodes
  • Designed to run on Windows and Xbox-360 platforms
  • Can be 'Late-Bind' to the TemporalWars 3D engine  

How To Install Video



What's New in Version 1.0 (See full changelog)

  • Updated with ReadMe.txt file.
  • Updated the License file.
  • Updated with 5 Day trial mode.
  • Updated to now be on Codeplex.

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