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Buy Now TWEngineRTSComponents.zip 1.0

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XNA RTS Real Time Strategy Game Component Games PC MiniMap Fog Of War Status Bars A* Pathfinding TemporalWars Game Engine Engines Development


Real-Time-Strategy Components Extensions Posted Image


The R.T.S. components are Late-Bindable components for the TemporalWars Indie game engine.  Simply drop the bindable components into the '0LateBindable' folder, and then you will immediately have R.T.S. ability in your engine!  Like the A* component listed in the marketplace, the components give you additional features which are not available with the TemporalWars Indie game engine.  To learn more about the TemporalWars indie game engine, see the following website; www.temporalwars.com.


For License or General Questions: melben02@yahoo.com.


Here are a list of the 4 components you get with this package;


A* XNA Add-On

This A* XNA Component is designed from the ground up, to take full advantage of the XBox's threading capabilities. The A* component contains an A* Manager, with three A* path finding engines, allowing for 3 simultaneous path searches, while also maintaing excellent performance and low G.C.(Garbage Collection).

Performance is achieved and maintained, due to key concepts incorporated into the A* component, like the 'Cheap List'[3] methology. Also the 'Closed List'[4] is eliminated all together, since an array with Enum types are used to quickly update the status of A* nodes inside the core A* algorithm.


MiniMap XNA Add-On

This Minimap XNA Component is designed to show unit movement, structures placed in the game world, and take direct orders (Windows Platform). The Minimap XNA component will also communicate with the Fog-Of-War XNA component, directly showing the influences of the Fog-Of-War in real time.


Status-Bar XNA Add-On

This Status-Bar (Health) XNA Component gives real-time health values for any given Unit or Structure within the TemporalWars 3D engine. The Status-Bar component uses the typical Green-Yellow-Red format, when displaying the current health values for game items. Status-Bar items, can be add, removed, and updated in real-time.


Fog-Of-War XNA Add-On

This Fog-Of-War XNA Component is designed to work on both the Windows and Xbox-360 platforms. The component is optimized to update the fog-of-war layer, within its own Thread, while mainting low GC (Garbage Collection).


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