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Buy Now Mellow Moods - Pack 2

- - - - -

A collection of mellow tunes with a hint of sadness. Feeling of loneliness, sorrow, sadness and longing. Soft background tunes, walking during the night in a village. Walking in a dark forest or gloomy landscape. Soft guitar, harps, strings and flutes. Emotional cello and soft choirs.

ruin town village widow house commoner farmer old woman night atmospheric calm careful mellow sad sadness lost mysterious poor tender thoughtful tranquil alone sad abandoned mourning sentimental emotional nostalgia memories reflections thoughts thinking sorrow drama piano flute touching sadness romantic slow soft relation emotion crying divorce relationship melancholic lonely regretful worried acoustic dreamy caring depressed disillusioned dissonant helpless hopeless hurt nostalgic painful reflective pain heartbroken tragic


Abandoned Village
Sad Little Girl (Guitar)
Walking Alone (Flute)
Walking Alone (Flute Soft FX)
Walking Alone (Solo Alto)
Walking Alone (Solo Alto Soft FX)

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Want to put together your own custom pack or license single tracks? Email track list to craze@craze.se, and we fix! :cool:

License Agreement (from now on called the AGREEMENT):
The license covers the Intellectual Property (from now on called IP) within this music pack, for commercial use together with one single product (from now on called THE PRODUCT). The license is valid from the date of the payment transaction and the License ID is equal to the payment transaction ID.

Licensee: Paying customer
Licensor: Christian Andersson, Craze Music Productions

The licensing rights in this AGREEMENT are specified below. The rights are only valid for the related IP connected to this License ID. This AGREEMENT is valid for THE PRODUCT(S) and all material associated with the product and its branding, and valid for multiple platforms, e.g. Android, iDevice, PC, etc.

1. Licensee Rights
a) The Licensee has the right to sell and distribute copies of THE PRODUCT(S) in which this IP is included.
b) The Licensee has the right to use the IP in any material associated with THE PRODUCT(S), e.g. YouTube clips, trailers, web sites, etc.

2. Licensee Requirements/Restrictions
a) The Licensee shall credit the Licensor in THE PRODUCT(S) as author of the included IP.
b) The Licensee may not sell or re-license this IP on its own, outside the THE PRODUCT(S).
c) The Licensee may not use this IP in products that are not associated with THE PRODUCT(S).

3. Licensor Rights
All rights are reserved by the author and licensor, and the rights specified below are solely for the purpose of clarification:
a) The Licensor retains the full copyright of the IP.
b) The Licensor reserves the right to include the IP as show case item in an artist’s portfolio.
c) The Licensor may license the IP non-exclusively to other products.

Legal Notes:
This IP is immediately upon creation co-owned and protected by STIM, the Swedish Performing Rights Organization and the IP is registered and copyright protected at the Swedish Musicians’ Union, covered by international copyright law, along with all project files and rendered sound files.

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It's the kind of talk, at least in public, that Peyton Manning and coach John Fox disdain.It is, however, in line with what las vegas says(At odds ranging between 9-2 and 6-1, the Broncos are widely listed as the favorites to win the Super Bowl)As well as the roster executive vice president john elway has assembled.He added wes welker to manning's receiving corps, shored up the line with free agent guard louis vasquez and used a second-Round draft pick to add wisconsin running back montee official nfl jerseys ball to the mix, as well.

Further implicating Jerry is the fact that he started the majority of last season s games while Corey Peters started the season on the PUP list.In a new defensive scheme under defensive coordinator mike nolan, jerry failed to seize the opportunity to cement himself in a starting role, as peters was back in the starting lineup by week 11.

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Jacksonville Jaguars-Quarterback blaine gabbert was held out of the majority of practice once again on friday.Gabbert still nike jerseys nfl looked good for the few plays he was in on, hitting ace sanders for a touchdown.Getting him back to practicing in full is a priority, given that he's locked in a starting battle with chad henne.

Marrone's comments came after Williams returned to the practice field for the first time in three days at the team's training camp facility in suburban Rochester.Williams opened practice working out on his own in strength in conditioning drills, and then spent the last part of the session watching from the sideline.

“Looking at the coaching staff, Haslett and Slowik, I played for him in Green Bay, and I think it was a very good fit with them running a very similar scheme to what we had in Green Bay two years ago when I was there.I thought it would be fairly easy to pick up, †barnett said thursday after the redskins’ morning walkthrough.“And the linebackers that we have now, with London Fletcher and [Perry] Riley, it’s a talented bunch, and my goal is to get on the field wholesale nfl jerseys cheap somehow or some way.So, with this team, up and coming and the way they played last year, i wanted to be a part of a successful team.There were a couple teams that i talked to earlier in the year, in free agency, it just wasn’t a right fit.I don’t want any more 6-10 seasons.So, i wanted to go to a winning team.â€

“Honestly I wouldn’t have said it myself because I know how it can be blown out of proportion.But i’m glad he did have that confidence.I wish he would have just said more of the potential because every time i’ve been asked about it, i haven’t heard potential.Other than that, man, you’ve got to have that kind of kind of confidence because in order for you to go out there and be the best, you have to go out there with that mind-Set.And i think we all have that mind-Set.

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Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant is in the news for sounding off on the Johnny nfl new jerseys Manziel drama.Bryant received a 10-Game suspension to finish off his college career for lying about having dinner with deion sanders.If manziel winds up being suspended, how long do you think his will be?

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SEATTLE--A 10-Year-Old boy was in stable condition tuesday after falling from the back of a moving pickup truck near oso this past weekend.The boy's father, who allegedly was driving the truck while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, is being investigated for vehicular assault, said shari ireton, spokeswoman for the snohomish county sheriff's office.The 62-Year-Old arlington man was arrested at the scene on sunday and later released so he could be with the child at the hospital, ireton said.The boy on tuesday remained at harborview medical center in seattle.The man's truck has been seized as part of the ongoing investigation by the sheriff's collision detectives.Under state law, passengers who are under 16 years old must wear a seat belt or the driver can be cited.

Newsom, fourth from the right, had his bachelor cheap stitched nfl jerseys party at AT T Park. (Courtesy gavin newsom)But i was never gonna sell the soul of the city to subsidize extraordinarily wealthy people to build a stadium.I wasn t.And i never did.And i could have easily gone down that path and regretted successfully keeping them — but at a cost of public housing, and at a cost to the soul of a city … a cost that s more than just celebrating great athleticism, and the glory and triumph of sports and what it does to build the community.So, it s up there, but it s not on my top 10.

Smith: "Julio has an unbelievable skill set in terms of height, weight, speed.He's a player who can run by you, but also separate if you're going to press him.He's not afraid to get into a physical game.There's a lot of physicality when you're playing some of the bigger dbs in the league you see now.In his first year, he didn't have an offseason when we were in the lockout.He had a much better comfort level last season and he'll have an even better grasp of what the nfl's all about.Julio is on the fast track to be a great receiver in this league for a long time. "

Only a sliver of retail chains now report monthly sales figures, and the list doesn t include Wal-Mart and many large chains.But thursday s tally adds To evidence that shoppers are being frugal about their purchases, particularly clothing.The back-To-School season is the second-Biggest selling period behind the winter holidays.

While we see this break from type-Casting as a good thing, it also creates opportunities for politicians to exploit.Take the leno interview with obama.While leno did ask “serious†questions, he tended to couch them by dismissing those who criticize obama and then not really following up in a way that say, the post’s dan balz, would.

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METAIRIE, La. (Ap)— Hardly two Years removed from playing college Football OnA 12-Man defense in western canada,Akiem hicks is primed to emergeAsA full-Time starter OnAn nfl defensive line.Just dOn't tell him that, because he wOn't evenAdmit to being encouraged by the fact that he played with the starting unit in the new orleans saints' preseasOn openerAnd is regularly practicing with the first team. "Not yet, because there's so much more to go,"Said hicks said, referencingA metaphor defensive line coach bill johnsOn usesAbout each day of good workAmounting to nothing more thanA bean inA jar, which has to be full to representA good seasOn. "I dOn't have enough beans to be encouraged yet. "Maybe not, but his effort in practice On tuesday certainly seemed worthy ofAnother bean.He wasA force in 11-On-11 drills, registering what would have beenA sack On Drew Brees if he wereAllowed to touch the quarterback.Later, duringA 2-Minute drill, he had two more standout moments.First he batted down One of brees' passes, then he perfectly readA screen pass to darren sproles, who hicks wrapped up forA 4-Yard loss inA 2-Minute drill.The 6-Foot-5 Hicks, who said he now weighsAbout 330 pounds, is currently playing the left defensive end in coordinator Rob Ryan's new 3-4 defense(Three linemen, four linebackers).Last YearAsA rookie, drafted in theThird round out of the university of regina(Saskatchewan), Hicks played reserve defensive tackle inA 4-3, then made the transitiOn this Year to what JohnsOn calls"The most physical positiOn On our defense. "It wasn't clear whether hicks would emergeAsA starter when 2013 training camp opened because the saints had signed 11-Year veteran defensive lineman kenyOn coleman, who had played the past two seasOns in ryan's 3-4 defensein Dallas.Last week, however, coleman toreA pectoral muscle, which has likely ended his seasOn.Third-Year pro tom johnsOnAlso is in the mix to startAt that spot, though he has missed more thanA week of practice withA hip injury.JohnsOn cOnceded that hicks is in positiOn to win the starting job, but stressed that three weeks of evaluatiOn remained. "Thing i've saidAllAlOngAbout hicks is that he's raw but he hasA lot of versatility,"JohnsOn said. "I thought our scouting people didA great job watching him in canada to know. "Hicks, who grew up near sacramento, was recruited by lsu out of the community college ranks, butAn ncaa violatiOn related to financial help provided byAnAssistant coach left him ineligible to play in the united states, hence his move to canada, where he thrivedAsA stand-Up defensive end. "What was hard was to evaluate him versus the people he wasAgainst,"JohnsOn said. "It wasn't like if he had went to lsuAnd stayed.You could evaluate himAgainst guys who would potentially be in this league.It was like guys that were just little kidsAnd he was obviously dominating up there. "Big nfl offensive tackles can find him tough to blockAs well. "He'sA goodAthlete that weighs(330 pounds)That moves like he's 300 or 290,"Said saints right tackle zach strief, who has to block hicks in practice. "That's something pretty god-Given that's pretty hard to find. "Notes:Rb pierre thomas(Left leg), OLB Martez WilsOn(Left elbow)And olb junior galette(Left leg)All returned to practice from injuries, participating to varying degrees.Thomas did the most, taking part in seven-On-Seven drills.Wilson participated inA"Walk-Through"And galette mostly watched.Courtney roby,A veteran special teams leaderAnd reserve receiver, needed help off the fieldAfterApparently hurting his left foot.Payton said roby hadA toe injury.He did not get more specific.Jerry romig, who has been the publicAddressAnnouncer for saints home games since 1969,And whoAlso handled p.A.Announcing for the first four Super Bowls in New Orleans, said his last game On the job will be this Friday's home preseasOn gameAgainst Oakland. Romig, 83, said his voice is fine but back problems have made it tough to getAround.His 57-Year-Old son, mark, who will take over, said his father wants him to show his own personality. But Mark RomigAdded, "My mother told me i have to do it just like my father. "

strong Where We Left Off:/strong Speculation and accusations about the show’s “reality†aside, “Breaking Amish†was a hit for TLC.Now, the five amish andMennonite rebels, whoMoved to new york city in the show’s first season, are headed south to florida.But trouble seems to follow them wherever they go. "Small town security" (Amc)Em season 2 premieres thurs.,May new nike nfl jerseys 9 at 10 p.M.Et./em

''That injury bug is something you can't control, '' said linebacker D'Qwell Jackson, who had had to overcome two major chest injuries.''He's just got to stay positive.Once he has his surgery, it's just one day at a time, just look at how you can make the situation better.It starts with the attitude, attitude is everything.It's going to help the healing process and it's going to help him mentally get through it.''

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And if you think this doesn't matter in Buffalo because the 44-20 victory over the Colts was"Just"A preseason game, you are wrong.This is a group--A franchise, a fan base, a city--That has grown sick of losing nike jerseys nfl in the eight seasons that have passed since the bills' most recent winning campaign.

I say all this because in Judith Warner’s excellent and provocative piece in the New York Times magazine, “The Opt-Out generation wants back in, †she writes about what is really at the heart of the mommy wars, the gender stall, the having it all, with or without kids, debates and the opt out, opting back in phenomenon:Economics.

Usher Raymond V was released from an Atlanta hospital Tuesday morning more than a week after he was admitted nfl team jerseys to the intensive care unit following a swimming pool accident, according to People.On aug.5,  Usher Raymond’s oldest son with his ex-Wife tameka foster almost drowned after sticking his arm in a drain trying to remove a toy.

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Edwards hasn't impacted an offense with anything close to"Elite"Skills since 2007, when he hauled in 80 catches for 1, 289 yards and 16 touchdowns jerseys for sale as a member of the cleveland browns.His best season since was a 53-Catch, 904-Yard affair with gang green in 2010, but edwards--Injury-Plagued in recent years--Has just 33 catches since then.

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The Buccaneers are going to have some issues on the defensive line this season after deciding to let Michael Bennett go and losing Roy Miller.Adrian clayborn, who had a big rookie year in 2011, is currently out with a groin injury as depth along the line is further diminished.Adding to the problems is the continued disappointing play of third-Year lineman da'quan bowers.

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"I'm sorry to disappoint, but mike and custom nfl jerseys i have never been competitive with one another or else we wouldn't have been able to coexist within the same company for 24 years,"Rob said. "I can't think of a single time where we've had major, major conflict. "

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"Not surprisingly, given his outsized persona, vermin isn't shy when it comes to his abilities. "I can cover any tattoo that comes in,"He boasts.But that alone wouldn't separate"Bad ink"From the rest of the cover-Up shows, which vermin calls"Really unwatchable.And i say that with a lot of confidence.

But he's battled injuries and inconsistency the last two Years.The 33-Year-Old vick sustained a concussion in week 10 last year and reid decided to let foles play the www.ohcheapnfl.com rest of the way because the eagles were in last place on their way to a 4-12 finish.Vick returned to start the season finale against the new york giants because foles was hurt.He finished the year with 2, 362 yards passing, 12 touchdowns and 10 interceptions, and also lost five fumbles.

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The Buckeyes at least have a coach, Urban Meyer, who knew how to win in the SEC and clearly doesn't mind cutting a few corners.What about you, louisville.The cardinals certainly have a championship-Caliber quarterback, teddy bridgewater, and put quite a whippin' on florida in the sugar bowl.Oregon.

Garrett Hartley added field goals of 53, 31 and 30 yards.The saints never punted in the first half.Stills, drafted in the fifth round this year, and toon, a 2012 fourth-Rounder who is essentially a rookie after spending last season on injured reserve, could be thrust into regular roles this season.Against the raiders, at least, they appeared up to the task.

Nick Foles played in seven games last season. (Ap)When things fell apart last year he took the failure personally.He said he felt a sense of guilt for a lot of things that took place.He said his emotions took over in the past two years and he couldn t control them.As www.newcheapnfl.net the team that looked so dominant in 2010 crumbled in 2011 and 2012, he put blame for the losses on himself.It made him come close to hating a game he once loved.

Their deaths sent the family into a tailspin.What followed has been a roller coaster of emotion — and more tragedy.Vivian haas' neighborhood was among those in the path of the tornado that devastated much of joplin in 2011.The old-Growth trees in her yard and her vehicle were long gone after the storm, but she survived.

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Wolfe said that he doesn t plan to change his playing style, which helped him to six sacks as a rookie last year, as a result of the injury.With von miller serving a six-Game suspension, having a healthy wolfe playing at a level close to the one he was at in 2012 would be a very good thing for the denver defense.

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It wasn t quite that easy, though, as Browns fans had to hold their breath wholesale jerseys as the Falcons ran four plays from Cleveland s 1-Yard line in the final two minutes, finally exhaling when running back warrick dunn was stuffed for no gain on fourth down.After the new york jets defeated the green bay packers later that day, the browns return to the nfl playoffs was complete.

Starters for Week 3 of the preseason usually start on opening day. "The right side of the line, we'll keep it the same this week,"Trestman said. "There were enough good things that happened(Against san diego)That we feel like we want to give them another opportunity to go out and play a little bit more against the first group and see what they can do. "Jay cutler was sacked twice on the team's first series against the chargers, but neither sack came from players lined up against the rookies.

New York converted on 3-Of-15 attempts and was 1 of 2 on fourth down, including being stuffed on a fourth and less than one from the Colts 7 on the opening series.New cornerback greg toler intercepted an eli manning pass to set up a 52-Yard field goal by adam vinatieri.It would have been good from 62.4.

5.Billy davis' defense is coming along:After getting picked apart by tom brady and surrendering a ton of yards on the ground last week in a 31-22 loss to New England, the Eagles' defense was much improved.The starters played the first half and held the panthers to 50 yards rushing and a pair of field goals.Davis, cheap stitched nfl jerseys the new defensive coordinator, is transitioning the eagles from a traditional 4-3 defense to a variation of the 3-4.

"Obviously, nobody knows how he's going to respond when that happens,"Allen said. "He's been very good as far as practice has been concerned.We're having to hold him back.He wants to do more and do more.From that standpoint i think he has the right mindset going into this thing.I think it will be a great opportunity for him to go out there and play this week and get his first game action under his belt. "

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After leading San Francisco to the playoffs and getting off nfl pittsburgh steelers to a good start last year, he lost the top job when he got hurt.49ers coach Jim Harbaugh stuck with Kaepernick once Smith was healthy enough to return, and then traded the former No.1 pick to the Chiefs this past offseason.

''I'm disappointed in myself because I've got to make sure that my players keep their composure on the football field.That's my job, '' houston coach gary kubiak said.''They've got a job when they get out there to maintain their composure regardless of circumstances.There's no excuses.We can't hurt the team, and i talk to our guys about that all the time.If someone is going to miss some time, that hurts the team.''

We aren t in the clear yet in terms of seeing the Browns former first-Round pick racking up touchdowns on sundays, but thursday s showing was a good start.Despite running strong last season, there were times it appeared trent richardson hesitated to hit holes at the line of scrimmage.

The last one came after Giants coach Tom Coughlin was flagged for a 15-Yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the previous play for coming down the sideline And yelling at the side judge for a supposed non-Call.Brown added a 47-Yard field goal with 8:43 to play to close out the scoring.Luck, who led the colts to an 11-5 record And a playoff berth in his rookie season, completed 9 of 13 passes, but the one most will remember will be the gift touchdown courtesy of veteran Giants cornerback Aaron Ross, who was starting for the injured Corey Webster.On a second-And-3 play from the 28, Luck underthrew Wayne on a pattern down the right sideline.

Von Jentzen helped the family get Minnie and arranged for service-Dog training in helena. "We could never afford this,"Amy hasselbach said.Since minnie joined the household in may, hasselbach said her son sleeps through the night, and is comforted as he undergoes tests and other medical procedures. "Minnie wholesale nfl jerseys goes to the hospital with him.

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During an earlier workout on the field, Griffin wore a white best nfl jerseys T-Shirt with the words"Operation patience"In burgundy.Griffin has said that was his theme throughout training camp.At one point, he went to the sideline and gave snyder a hug.Griffin also served as a team captain during the coin toss, sharing a laugh with steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger at midfield.

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I could move everything the whole time, it was just everything felt kind of fuzzy, Wolfe said, via the Associated Press.Obviously, when you shock your system like that, it has to kind of reboot.As of now, everything is back to normal.As soon as the pain goes away, i ll be all right.I ve got full motion back.

"Safety darian stewart missed practice while getting tests for a hamstring injury that he mentioned after the game.Wide receiver tavon austin was an excused absence.The players ran several sprints after the practice as a reminder of the mistakes made against the packers.The rams(0-2)Play at denver(1-1)On saturday with most starters getting extended playing time.

"They've been playing against the spread teams for years now and having seen what they're doing at glacier peak and other teams even lake stevens runs a similar style offense kids like to be a part of that fast-Paced offense where you put the pedal to the metal right away. "Aaron lommers, herald writer 3.Who'll win the wesco 4a south.The wesco 4a south is arguably the area's most competitive league.

It didn t change his opinion one bit.Less than 24 hours after the colts coach and defensive coordinator greg manusky were seen smiling and congratulating on the sideline, pagano told reporters this is the expectation.That s exactly how we want to play, pagano said during a conference call with reporters.We re going to be a damn good defense.

Also, starting right guard Jason Pinkston sustained a high ankle sprain when teammate John Greco rolled over him on Cleveland's jerseys for sale second offensive series.Pinkston, who missed most of last season after developing blood clots in his lungs, will likely miss ''the early part of the regular season, '' chudzinski said.

Sanchez finished 13 of 23 for 169 yards for the Jets(1-1)Before being replaced by matt simms in the fourth quarter.Gabbert led the jaguars(0-2)On two scoring drives and staked his claim to the jaguars' starting job before leaving with a sprained thumb in the second official nfl jerseys quarter.Gabbert, competing with chad henne, was 13 of 16 for 165 yards and a touchdown to allen reisner before the injury.Gabbert appeared to bang his throwing hand on one of the defensive players' helmets.

Wolfe nfl jerseys sale was hurt with 9 minutes left in the quarter and on Seattle's first offensive drive.He was hurt being blocked on a running play in which seattle's robert turbin gained 8 yards.The broncos said wolfe was being evaluated for a cervical spine injury and had movement in all of his extremities.

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Each running back does play to their capabilities as well, which can make this game a blast fOr anyone in love with Adrian Peterson.As in real life, peterson is the most dominate back in madden nfl 25.He can spin, juke and truck with the best of them.But take tennessee's chris johnson, the ultimate hit-Or-Miss superstar in the league, and trucking quickly becomes nonexistent.However, his speed around the edges, and his juking abilities, make for him to be a very dangerous weapon behind a solid offensive line.

Sanchez had already done his game auditions in weeks one and two of the preseason, an extended chance for three quarters last week against the Jacksonville Jaguars when Smith could not play on a sprained ankle from the opener against the Detroit Lions.Sanchez's biggest contribution was to leave the door wide-Open for smith.

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strong Where We Left Off:/strong Kim and Kanye’s relationship was just breaking the Internet, and now we’ll see it all on screen--Including their baby drama.Khloe’s fertility issues continue, but new “castmember†brody wholesale sports jerseys jenner--Bruce’s son from a previousMarriage who is no stranger to reality tv--Looks to be this season’s biggest diva. "Mistresses" (Abc)Em series premieresMon., June 3 at 10 p.M.Et./em

Hernandez also has earned a $118, 000 roster bonus;It s unclear whether a grievance has been filed for that amount.As we ve previously reported, the nflpa most likely won t be contesting the team s ability to void $2.5 million in guaranteed salary for the 2013 regular season.

LOS ANGELES(Ap)Espn ended its collaboration with pbs on an investigation of the nfl and players' head injuries as public tv producers expressed surprise over the abrupt collapse of the 15-Month partnership.Espn said its decision was based on a lack of editorial control over"League of denial:The nfl's concussion crisis,"Airing in october on pbs'"Frontline"Public affairs series.At espn's request, its logo was being removed from websites related to the project and from the film itself. "Because espn is neither producing nor exercising editorial control over the 'Frontline' documentaries, there will be no co-Branding involving espn on the documentaries or their marketing materials,"Espn said in a statement. "The use of espn's marks could incorrectly imply that we have editorial control. "It was a mistake on espn's Partthat it didn't reach the conclusion sooner, espn spokesman josh krulewitz said friday.The head injury issue has potentially vast implications for the nfl, with more than 4, 000 former players suing the league over claims it hid known concussion risks, leading to high rates of dementia, depression and even suicides.Some believe the players' claims could be worth $1 billion or more if they move forward in court.The cases involve the deaths of players, medical care of players with disabling dementia, and lifelong medical monitoring for those who are now symptom-Free.The nfl on friday denied a new york times report that it had pressured espn to drop out of the project with"Frontline. "The sports network has a lucrative contract to carry league games on"Monday night football. "The walt disney co. -Owned espn pays the nfl more than $1 billion a year for the broadcast rights, the times said.Espn denied that the nfl had any influence. "The decision to remove our branding was not a result of concerns about our separate business relationship with the nfl.As we have in the past, including as recently as sunday, we will continue to cover the concussion story aggressively through our ownReporting,"The channel said in a release.In a separate statement, espn president john skipper defended the channel as a leader"InReporting on the concussion issue, dating back to the mid-1990s,"And said he wanted to stress its commitment to journalism and support for the work of its reporters.Raney aronson,"Frontline"Deputy executive producer, said she and others at"Frontline"Were taken aback by espn's decision and that they weren't privy to details of why it was made. "It's anybody's guess right now about what actually happened,"Said aronson.In an online statement, she and"Frontline"Executive producer david fanning said they regretted espn's exit after a productive editorial partnership with espn's investigative program"Outside the lines. "The sunday report cited friday by espn as an example of its continuingReporting on concussions was Partof its partnership with"Frontline,"Which aronson noted was credited on the program.Espn executives were long aware of the"Frontline"Approach to"League of denial,"Aronson said, with the pbs series controlling what it aired or posted online and espn doing the same for its programs or postings. "Frontline"Had been working closely with espn's senior vice president and news director vince doria and senior producer dwayne bray, with no indication of discord until last friday, she said.The two-Part"League of denial,"Airing oct.8 and 15, draws onReporting by Steve Fainaru and Mark Fainaru Wada, ESPN reporters and brothers who have a forthcoming book on the subject, and original"Frontline"Reporting. The authors and their work will remain Partof the documentary,Said aronson and Fanning. "The film is still being edited and has not been seen by espn news executives, although we were on schedule to share it with them for their editorial input," the producers said, adding thatThe two-Partdocumentary will meet the "Rigorous"Standards of fairness, accuracy and depth practiced by"Frontline. "At a television critics association news conference earlier this month, bray was queried about espn's work on the film given its business relationship with the nfl and responded by calling espn a"Bifurcated company. ""You do have the business partners on one side, but you also have the editorial production side,"Bray said, adding that"Frontline"Is the"Gold standard"Of long-form investigative documentaries and ESPNIs thesame for sports journalism. "So we respect frontline greatly.They respect us.And the nfl is going to have to understand that,"He said.The nfl calls player safety a top priority and insists injury claims should be handled through league arbitration, in accord with the collective bargaining agreement.The league has instituted safety measures that include rules changes designed to eliminate hits to the head and neck, protect defenseless players, and prevent concussed players from playing or practicing until they are fully recovered.Lynn elber, ap television writer

Several players in recent years have been diagnosed with CTE cheap nike jerseys wholesale after their deaths, among them suicide victims Junior Seau, a longtime San Diego Charger, Dave Duerson and Ray Easterling.Their families and others in similar situations are eligible for seven-Figure compensation from the league, said lead plaintiffs' lawyer christopher seeger.

Bennett's base salary for this season is $2.25 million and $1.5 million of that is Guaranteed but against injury only.So, when bennett is cleared fully to return from his concussion, the bears could make a roster move and not be on the hook for the"Guarantee. "Bennett was signed to a $16.2 million, four-Year extension in december 2011, and received a $6 million signing bonus that was applied to that season's salary cap.His contract is relatively flat now, climbing to $2.35 million in 2014.It's $2 million in 2015 when he has a $500, 000 roster bonus.

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"You don't really gauge progression from year to year

"You don't really gauge progression from year to year on how you play in the preseason,"Stafford said. "It's not meaningless.Obviously, you want to play as good as you possibly can, but we had guys coming into new roles and playing roles that frankly they're probably not going to play once certain guys on our team are back in the game. "

2.The consequences of reaching the limit are dire.It's fashionable in some quarters to pooh-Pooh the aftermath of a debt-Limit breach, as if all the talk of consequences is just political posturing.That's an unwise approach.It's possible that the consequences wouldn't be quite as severe as some treasury officials suggest, but no sane person could advocate trying to find out just for the jollies.

Every Super Bowl since 1996 has been won toddler nfl jerseys by QBs who prefer being in the pocket, although Brett Favre, Elway and Rodgers surely weren't fearful of taking off.Brady, peyton and eli manning, roethlisberger, drew brees and troy aikman are in that group of pocket passers.

The Eagles made two practice-Squad moves yesterday, adding safety keelan johnson and bringing back offensive lineman isaac remington, one of chip kelly's oregon players who was moved from the defensive line custom nfl jerseys late in training camp, after failing to impress on defense.Practice resumes today for the monday opener.

Pat White, out of football for three years after a rookie season with the Miami Dolphins ended in a concussion, made the 53-Man cut after a strong comeback showing in training camp and preseason games.However, there were persistent reports on saturday that white might be dangled in trade talks, now that he has proved he once again belongs in the nfl.

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According to Pro Football Central, the Packers may bring in former Panthers quarterback Jimmy Clausen for a look.The packers released vince young earlier today and will need a solid back up for aaron rodgers this season.[ Black Sports Online ] Need NFL Tickets?Loading.Zergnet the post report:Packers showing interest in jimmy clausen appeared first on pro football zone.

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