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Buy Now Spooky Horror - Pack 1

- - - - -

Dark, spooky instrumental songs with ghosts and old haunted houses, graveyards and crypts. We explore the dark and discover its secrets. Perfect sound tracks for a spooky scenes, background music, witches, ghosts, zombies. What is lurking in the old catacombs? Ghosts are haunting Spooky house.

Dark Ruin Catacombs Tomb Mausoleum Graveyard Cemetery Dungeon Crypt Fear Horror Frightened Creepy Terror Scared Zombie Skeleton Ghost Haunted Death
Midnight Night Monster Spectre Ghoul Gothic Fantasy Cathedral Vampire Scary Mighty Tense Stressed Lonely Alone Sad Abandoned Darkness Dusk Enemy Hostile Threatening Dangerous Sinister Evil Witch Pumpkin Halloween Darkness Tense Tension Spooky Haunting Suspension Witchcraft Adventure Legendary Legend Ancient Mysterious Mystery Vampires Monsters Ghost Voices Psycho Horror music


Mad Professor
Rotten City
Mysterious Spooky and Creepy

Preview All Music Packs by Christian Andersson

Want to put together your own custom pack or license single tracks? Email track list to craze@craze.se, and we fix! :cool:

License Agreement (from now on called the AGREEMENT):
The license covers the Intellectual Property (from now on called IP) within this music pack, for commercial use together with one single product (from now on called THE PRODUCT). The license is valid from the date of the payment transaction and the License ID is equal to the payment transaction ID.

Licensee: Paying customer
Licensor: Christian Andersson, Craze Music Productions

The licensing rights in this AGREEMENT are specified below. The rights are only valid for the related IP connected to this License ID. This AGREEMENT is valid for THE PRODUCT(S) and all material associated with the product and its branding, and valid for multiple platforms, e.g. Android, iDevice, PC, etc.

1. Licensee Rights
a) The Licensee has the right to sell and distribute copies of THE PRODUCT(S) in which this IP is included.
b) The Licensee has the right to use the IP in any material associated with THE PRODUCT(S), e.g. YouTube clips, trailers, web sites, etc.

2. Licensee Requirements/Restrictions
a) The Licensee shall credit the Licensor in THE PRODUCT(S) as author of the included IP.
b) The Licensee may not sell or re-license this IP on its own, outside the THE PRODUCT(S).
c) The Licensee may not use this IP in products that are not associated with THE PRODUCT(S).

3. Licensor Rights
All rights are reserved by the author and licensor, and the rights specified below are solely for the purpose of clarification:
a) The Licensor retains the full copyright of the IP.
b) The Licensor reserves the right to include the IP as show case item in an artist’s portfolio.
c) The Licensor may license the IP non-exclusively to other products.

Legal Notes:
This IP is immediately upon creation co-owned and protected by STIM, the Swedish Performing Rights Organization and the IP is registered and copyright protected at the Swedish Musicians’ Union, covered by international copyright law, along with all project files and rendered sound files.

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