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  • Submitted: Feb 16 2012 05:21 PM
  • Last Updated: Apr 26 2012 07:24 PM
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Previous Versions

  • 16 Feb 2012 Download NomenRationarium (v1.0)

Download NomenRationarium (v1.1)

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NomenRationarium (meaning "Name list" in butchered Latin) is a tool that organizes character and area names for your projects, whether your projects be game projects, books, movie scripts, or another form of media.

There are two types of lists that NomenRationarium stores for you. The 'main list' holds every name that you can think of, that might be of use later in your projects. And 'project lists' hold just the names you are currently using (or planning on using) for a specific project.
Every name can be tagged, and you can search and filter your main list or project list by tags to find names that match your requirements.

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  • NomenRationarium helps you record and organize interesting names that you think up, so you don't have to remember them later.
  • It helps you filter through and search out those names when you need them.
  • It lets you tag your names for filtering, and even add project-specific tags to your project names, keeping project tags and general tags seperate.
  • It helps you make sure you don't accidentally use the same name, or similar names, more than once on the same project (unless you want to). No "Jon" and "John" accidentally occurring in the same project.
  • It lets you take names from the 'main list', and add them to your currently opened 'project list'.
  • It lets you mark project names visually with customized 'marks'. For example, you might have several names in your project list marked with a special mark meaning 'Under consideration', and others you might have marked with a mark indicating he's on one enemy side or another side.
If you were making the next reiteration of a remake of a Star Wars re-release, you could use Project Tags marking 'Darth Vadar' and "Storm Trooper #351" as "Imperial", while you mark "Luke Skywalker" as "Rebel Alliance". You might also add a visual lightsaber mark to both Darth Vadar and Luke Skywalker to indicate force-sensitive powers.

The tool is a bit rough around the edges, but should be functional. If you find it useful, consider donating $5 as a thank you. If you find it un-useful, invent a way to 'anti-donate' $5 from my bank account for wasting your time. Posted Image (Please don't actually invent an anti-donation system to loot my bank account, I need that money for cheesecake)

What's New in Version (v1.1) (See full changelog)

  • Fixed bug where the names weren't sorted alphabetically (or rather, they WERE sorted alphabetically, but backwards from Z to A).
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't tweak a name
  • Fixed bug where editing a name would reset the filter, bringing you back to page 1. Now you stay on the same page with the name, and a entire re-filter is no longer required.
  • Made pages loop around in a circle (last page to first page and vice-versa).

Its a bit buggy, it crashed when I tried to double click the picture when not in the project, also the right colom clears for a while when I add a name to the left one, and only comes back when I move a name into it.

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