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Announcement: Writing Articles is Good for YOU!

Posted by Michael Tanczos

Michael Tanczos


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We wanted to share this post started by AllEightUp regarding becoming an author:

An old saying, which is very true: If you can't explain something then you don't really understand it yourself.

I've finished up, for the time being, a series of articles on how to build a cross platform build environment. You've likely seen them, the big "CMake" labelled things. As my first real effort writing a series of articles outside of internal documents, I think they went over (are going over) fairly well. I knew folks liked my documentation at work in general and there were no horrible complaints. So transitioning to writing publicly with more than say 20 readers, I feel pretty happy with the results. Hell, getting comfortable with it makes me consider expanding on it a bit and maybe trying out Amazon self publishing for a cleaned up conglameration of the articles as a cheap little 'book'. Posted Image

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