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Developer Journal - 1 day, 10 hours ago
Gdl - Gamejam - Robodash - By riuthamus
Been an interesting weekend. Spent three days making a game for another gameJam. It was rather challenging since I had to create models for stuff that I had yet attempted. Our entire mesh was disjo...
Developer Journal - 2 days, 2 hours ago
Entry N+3 - By ryan20fun
Hello one and all. I have not done much (other then thinking and reading) on ToyMission. I am going to switch over to either monthly entry on the last friday with entries inbetween if nec...
Developer Journal - 3 days, 2 hours ago
Back To The Platformer - By Aardvajk
Struggling to get going this morning, so thought I would update my journal for a change. Did a bit more work on the spaceship game I posted about last, until I decided once again to dust off the pl...
Developer Journal - 4 days, 12 hours ago
Radioactive Goop, Flashing Lights, And Lots More! - By braindigitalis
Hi all, It's been quite some time since i last posted a journal entry. This hasn't been for lack of development of the game, more lack of free time where i'm not being a Dad, working my day jo...
Developer Journal - 6 days, 17 hours ago
Temple Of The Abyssal Winds V4.7 - By gdunbar
Temple of the Abyssal Winds v4.7 is available for Windows. This is a minor release and there is no reason to upgrade if you already have a working version. Users who had trouble on older versions o...
Developer Journal - 1 week, 14 hours ago
What Programming Language Should You Learn To Get A Job In The Game Industry? - By Josh Klint
If we count id Software’s game Quake as the beginning of real-time 3D games, then it can be said that the C programming language is the foundation of modern game design. The original Quake engine...
Developer Journal - 1 week, 1 day ago
[Icbm] Update 2 - Paradrop And New Particles - By dpadam450
Hours till prototype complete: 177Hours logged July3 - July 16: 43.5 I finished adding in animated sequences for my particle systems as well as my C130 paradrop functionality / animation. I al...
Developer Journal - 1 week, 1 day ago
Magic Item Tech, Testing – Part 3. - By Spidi
Hi all! It is time for some software testing framework talk again :)! As you know, I’m a big quality/testing advocate (especially when it comes to software!!!), and I’ve been working for a while no...
Developer Journal - 1 week, 3 days ago
Entry N+2 - By ryan20fun
Hello again. I have started getting back into ToyMission, Yay!Tomorrow I plan on mounting the Win10 ISO and seeing what it says about my license key(A test in a VM resulted with some kinda nul...
Developer Journal - 1 week, 4 days ago
Integrating Google Play: An Early Open Alpha - By ferrous
This is my first time playing with Google Play Services integration with Unity. It's pretty early Alpha, but should still be fun to play, and I've got an integrated google leaderboard that I'd like...
Developer Journal - 2 weeks, 21 hours ago
D3DX tribulations - By gdunbar
I've been led down a rathole the past couple of weeks. First, I updated to Visual Studio 2015 (from VS2012), for reasons that I now don't remember at all. So, after I recompiled TotAW I decided I'd...
Developer Journal - 2 weeks, 2 days ago
Haste, slow, and refactoring - By JTippetts
As part of the AI and control refactor, I refactored the basic components that provide the turn-basedness for the unit controllers. Previously, the turn system was controlled by 2 components:...
Developer Journal - 2 weeks, 2 days ago
KREEP, post Steam. - By Spidi
Hi everyone! Haven’t been around the INTERNETZ lately, sorry for that (been busy with a lot of work and important decisions to make :mellow:).I promised a postmortem kind-a thingy after the Steam r...
Developer Journal - 2 weeks, 3 days ago
Orbit - my new game project - By Aardvajk
Hello all. I'm still alive and still working on hobby projects, just haven't posted here for a long, long time. I've just commenced work on a brand new hobby project. This is going to be a spa...
Developer Journal - 2 weeks, 3 days ago
Entry N+1 - By ryan20fun
Hello again :) I have not been well for the last few days, So I have not done any development. I should be getting back into the swing of things over the next few days. That's all fo...
Developer Journal - 3 weeks, 4 hours ago
[ICBM] Prototype Video + Project Update - By dpadam450
I'll start with a video first. The video shows a lot of randomness, but it shows the prototyping of some AI and completeness of gameplay AI, sound, particles all starting to come together. htt...
Developer Journal - 3 weeks, 3 days ago
The Generic Title, Sequal to "I don't have a title" - By ryan20fun
Hello again. I have gotten the FPS template to a point where there are a few different weapons: Semi automatic gun, Fully auto gun, burst fire gun, Energy gun(semi).The players can: Run, Walk,...
Developer Journal - 3 weeks, 3 days ago
My first Lord of Dwarves playthrough - By bitwisenick
For the first time in three years of Lord of Dwarves development I sat down and played an entire scenario from beginning to end. Naturally I’ve been playing the game in bits and pieces as I develop...
Developer Journal - 3 weeks, 3 days ago
What is Lord of Dwarves? - By bitwisenick
Lord of Dwarves is my hobby project turned mild obsession. Lord of Dwarves is a resource gathering and city management game in a fully constructable/destructible 3D voxel world. It has a focus...
Developer Journal - 3 weeks, 4 days ago
3D Paint App Progress - By lawnjelly
Just a little report for anyone who is following my progress on my little 3d painting app from my previous post. I'm trying not to get too carried away spending too long working on this, but am pla...
Developer Journal - 3 weeks, 6 days ago
How To Edit 'Craft The World' Game Files - By Code Fox
Craft The World is in interesting hybrid of Gnomoria and Terraria .The main game files can not be altered ( yet ), however all of the resource files can be accessed and changed.( IE: creatures,...
Developer Journal - 4 weeks, 14 hours ago
June: Spellbound, Steam & HTC - By slayemin
Lots of exciting news for this month! HTC Meeting: Last week I walked down to the HTC office for North America and tried to get a meeting with their VR people so that I could give them a demo...
Developer Journal - 4 weeks, 19 hours ago
Temple of the Abyssal Winds v4.5 - By gdunbar
Temple of the Abyssal Winds version 4.5 is now available! http://youtu.be/7U-mNJy-sW4  Temple of the Abyssal Winds is a classic style role-playing game, for Windows and iPad. You can...
Developer Journal - 1 month, 2 hours ago
Programmer Art: Better Normal Maps - By dpadam450
I was once discussing with someone how they were creating normal maps in this thread.http://www.gamedev.net/topic/666662-normal-map-generator-from-diffuse-maps/  The basic idea is (and we have...
Developer Journal - 1 month, 15 hours ago
Turn based Tanks, an update - By ferrous
So with limited time, I decided to laser focus on just one thing, and that was optimizing my radial pathfinding. Honestly, probably didn't need to be the focus, but when you don't have a boss, or a...