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CAVEMAN (C) 2000-2013 Rockland Software Productions



First and second versions.

The first version was quick and dirty placeholder graphics.

The second version was a revisit of the model to improve it a bit.

I may yet go back and revisit it a third time to add additional detail like cordage binding, etc.

Still, not bad for one cube mesh, one tree trunk mesh, a wood texture and a bark texture.

The cube is scaled down to make the deck. The tree trunk mesh is scaled appropriately to draw the large log floats on the sides, and to draw the tiller paddle handle at the back.

Using rafts to "island hop", humans were able to spread throughout the Pacific, perhaps even as far east as the west coast of South America. Rafts may have also played a major role in migrations to the Americas across the Bearing Land Bridge, especially down the western cost of North America.