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Desert Critter

zbrush 3D character creature Creature design Character design Alien


Tucson Bagley

Desert Critter

A creature sketch/exploration for a personal project. The concept behind this particular fellow was an alien that's human enough that Humans would feel comfortable around it, but in-human enough that they'd have no issues taking advantage of the race as a whole.
They're made for desert habitats, and are rather passive creatures. Their build is that of a somewhat Leyendecker man, so long as fitted human clothes are covering them. Because of this, a corporation took advantage of the temporary lack of inter-species rights laws and took a few tribes to work on a holiday planet that was early 20th-century themed, as attendants and waiters and other such things. I may upload my concept works some time in the future, I hope to create a polished one from the ideas I explored in this sculpt.