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Developer Journals

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Chamois - Fluent Assertion Syntax for C++

One library that I love in .NET is Fluent Assertions . It takes assertion syntax in Unit Tests and wraps it up in a natural language syntax. Doing so, we get a nice looking structure for our test that reads like a requirement, rather than a bunch of code. For example: Sure, it's nice and tearse for a programmer, but what if it were more fluent? Or a...
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Art Time #1

I am going to start sharing the work I do via videos. here is art work #1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tknprn1J_aY&feature=youtu.be
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Hexadecagon Maze Day 8

Day 8 I have not reported for about a week. I was spending all of my time refactoring, breaking, and fixing the code. That's why there were no visible progresses to report. But after that, I added the ability to find the solution. Figure 16 is a sample without the solution. Figure (16) http://members.gamedev.net/puz/cap88m11x14_1.png If you have t...

The Week of Awesome II - Deployment Prep

Well, today I have spent about 3-4 hours so far working on my deployment process. I started out going down the path of the built in click-once installer for XNA since it would make sure all the prerequisites would get installed like the .Net Framework and XNA redistributable. It was easy to kick off a "Publish", but it wasn't including the dynamically loa...

Unity Editor Extensions - Menu Items

Hello fellow devs, I have posted an article (first one in a planned series) on extending the Unity editor. The first part deals with creating menu items, and it is available here: http://www.tallior.com/2014/09/16/unity-editor-extensions-menu-items/ Check it out, and feel free to share/leave comments.

The return of papercraft

Hello. I uploaded photos of papercraft models I did during these past months in a new gallery: I did not create the models, I "only" built them with a lot of paper, glue and time... I am currently doing a rover from the movie "Moon" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moon_%28film%29 ) from here: http://www.paperaviation.de/Lunar_Rover/lunar_rover.html So...

I Am In For 'The Week of Awesome II'

Welcome to my first journal entry. This journal entry is stating that I am in for 'The Week of Awesome II ' community challenge. I will most likely use the following during the challenge: Language : GML SDK/Engine : GameMaker Studio Hosting : On itch.io or my website Sound : BFXR Music : Either try to create my own using PixiTracker (unlikely) or try and...

Signup for the "The Week of Awesome II" community game development challenge

My first journal/entry http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png I've entered the The Week of Awesome II community contest What I am going to use: Language : C++. SDK/Engine : My own With a D3D11 renderer backend (for now, D3D9 work not started yet). Graphics : Free texture libraries like the nVidia TTVol one supplimented...

ITT: Post 3

Hello Gamedev.net! This week we are proud to show you our first playable character, The hunter! The Hunter is a great support fighter role that is vital to the survival of your team in the early stages of the game. The hunter is eaisly able to track and hunt animals for food! Pros: Can easily acquire food Can be used offensively, or defensively Cons:...

Hexadecagon Maze Day 10

Day 10 In the past few days I added the ability to print. I tested with only one printer so it would be nice if you (a GameDev member) can tell me if it worked with your printer. I will leave a copy of a beta version here for a few weeks: http://members.gamedev.net/puz/88maze101.zip (75KB) If you have Windows 7 or 8.1, program should just run. If y...

My first Unreal Editor Soccer AI Simulation

Though I'm still new to the Unreal Editor and behavior trees, I wanted to create a primitive soccer simulation for a game I'm prototyping. You can get the code in its current form at: https://github.com/Gamieon/UBattleSoccerPrototype Getting Started The first part of my journey was learning how "Blueprints" work in the Unreal Editor. I consider...

General Implementation of Variables

I have no screenshots for this post, because here I'm going on about the ideology of variables and data types. First, a brief comparison with Enterbrain's RPG Maker programs. Most of you who are also developers likely know all about variable types, but on the off chance that one or two of my readers are traditionally non-programmers or have only passing...

SlimGen and You, Part ADD EAX, [EAX] of N

So far I’ve covered how SlimGen works and the difficulties in doing what it does, including calling convention issues that one must be made aware of when writing replacement methods for use with SlimGen. So the next question arises, just how much of a difference can using SlimGen make? Well, a lot of that will depend on the developer and their skill level...

The Mechanical Heart - An Introduction

THE MECHANICAL HEART Development Blog Welcome all, I have decided to create a weekly development blog of my current project titled The Mechanical Heart. In this issue I will outline what you can come to expect from this blog and an introduction to the game. About the Blog In this blog I will me covering all aspects of the development of TMH (The...

"Toothy And The Candygans" is Available!

It’s simple. Eat Candies – Get Power-ups! Your goal is to help Toothy eat as many candies as possible for as long as possible. Oh, and don’t forget to avoid the obstacles! Wild trash bins, cruel holes on the ground, evil trees and many more are almost intentionally placed to challenge your skill! When you stay alerted and eat the same type of candy you w...

If only making money in real life was this simple!

Spent some time working on gold for the game today! http://www.bhslaughter.com/forum/uploads/gallery/album_2/gallery_1_2_243415.png http://www.bhslaughter.com/forum/uploads/gallery/album_2/gallery_1_2_410605.png http://www.bhslaughter.com/forum/uploads/gallery/album_2/gallery_1_2_1331934.png

Rich new world in just 3 hours!

Over the past year or so I have been gradually building out a system for generating worlds procedurally. The basic process is to generate a height map which outlines the features of the world, then I texture it, and finally I add vegetation. It typically takes me about 3 hours to generate a new world from scratch. Most of that time is spent tweaking tex...

A mighty Creature wishes to establish it's Lair

It's been a bit longer than usual, i blame me trying to keep my release deadline and hence not finding the time to write one of these sooner. In this Journal entry i want to talk about another Wicked Lair mechanic that adds some flavor to the Gameplay. Boss Encounters. What fun would building a dungeon be if there were no powerful creatures that would...

Sneaking and bows

Been a while since the last update. I’m still working on Medieval Story, my *long* running project. The engine is more robust and I have changed my windowing framework to the latest glfw-master branch from GitHub. I decided to switch from 3.0.4 in order to get the latest mouse cursor support. Previously I rendered a textured quad and used that as a cursor...

Level Editor: Input Refactoring & Awesomium Integration

Over this past week or so I have been getting used to using the Awesomium Library. I hit a performance issue fairly early on but that was soon resolved and the webpages now render very efficiently. I was pretty amazed to see how well it actually works and I definitely think this is the way that the majority of my User Interfaces will be done from now on,...

Issuing orders to party members and refactoring AI...

Issuing orders to party members and refactoring AI... NOTES: 1. in this article, any distances mentioned are in feet. 2. abbreviations used in the pseudocode: "ret" = return "dir" = direction "loc" = location "rh" = relative heading "CR" = collision recovery I've been playtesting the game at advanced stages, when you can cont...

Raypick test

Someone asked to see my raypick test code. Here it is: D3DXVECTOR3 intersect_point; void calc_intersection(int x,int y){char s[100];D3DXVECTOR3 v,dir,origin, p1,p2, // line p3,p4,p5; // planeD3DXMATRIX m;D3DXPLANE p; v.x = ( ( ( 2.0f * x ) / screen_width ) - 1 ) / Zprojection_matrix._11; v.y = - ( ( ( 2.0f...

Loading an SDKMESH Model file with SlimDX

Many moons ago now, I picked up a copy of HLSL Development Cookbook by Doron Feinstein. I had intended to work my way through it after I finished up Luna's Introduction to 3D Game Programming with Direct3D 11.0 , but winter and life kind of got in the way... Another difficulty I had with this book was that the code samples made heavy use of DXUT which...

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