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Developer Journals

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The Rendering Equation

Please forgive the delay between the previous entry and this one. I didn't mention this before, but I'll try to post these at intervals of two weeks to a month or so; I had already prewritten the first two so they were posted in relatively quick succession, this was exceptional so don't expect weekly entries! In the last entry the ray tracer was extended...
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Game Production Update: Jan - Mar 2015

A lot has been happening in the last few months and I've been procrastinating on writing this journal entry. Game Summary: The currently untitled PC game is a 4X turn based fantasy strategy game where you have to grow an empire by capturing nearby territories and competing against rival factions. You can hire wizards to lead your armies and capture terr...
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3/24 Crunch Crunch Crunch

Hello guys, Brian here again. It has been a bit but man have we been busy. We are fast approaching our (hopeful) launch date of 4/15. This means it is crunch time. The to do list is thankfully getting shorter and things are coming together nicely. What we have is looking more and more like a game and less like a fancy tech demo http://public.gamedev5.net/...

Rethinking my hud

So... about my hud. This is my current hud design (graphics not final). https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-7R0R7eWa75Q/VRtFgM8AVhI/AAAAAAAAFHs/xhNO4B5C2ig/s1012/mine.PNG I made it based on YouTube's control bar... https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-hIASBPczx9k/VRtFgALFrQI/AAAAAAAAFHg/4PRL-EtpUng/s800/youtube.PNG mixed with Adobe Flash's time line......

Window message processing - each object gets a look at them

At the moment I have a hierarchy of objects: class VzAppManager - base class for storing persistent data and providing support - GetGraphics(), GetWindow(), SetEditMenu(), etc. class MeshEdit3Manager - inherits from VzAppManager. Explicit class for my mesh editor. I could have just expanded VzAppManager to handle everything but, as this is my first atte...

A Wonderful Milestone: we have released a game on steam

I am happy to announce, that through the hard work of co-developers Brian Linton, Joe Francis; and the tireless persistence of Brian Matthys (gearslayer360) and Bob Eagelsham at Strategy First. EDIGames's second title, The Lost City of Malathedra is now on steam! --and 15% off I might add ;) http://edigames.com/images/malathedra.png Announcement Link...

Visual Studio 2013 and Graphics Development

Way back when D3D9 was first released, graphics debugging and performance was a complete black art. It was really, really difficult to know what was going on, and when the graphical output wasn't quite what it was supposed to be then you really had to put on your detective hat and begin to deduce what the issue could be. It was even worse for performance...

GameSaveSystem on GitHub

I've just posted the core of our game save system to GitHub . One of the things that's really annoyed me (and I'm sure others) is the complete loss of a game save. Two recent instances where this has happened to myself: I completely lost a Fallout 3 save due to a save failure and I completely lost my Darksiders 2 game save due to a glitch (I picked up a...

Megamorphic calls

I'll be having this journal to post random stuff probably! So... Megamorphic calls JVM distinguish regular calls from megamorphic calls (actually it distinguishes bimorphic calls too but whatever). Regular calls can be optimized for, they can be inlined, or at least you can have the vtable round trip avoided. Whats a "regular call" ? Well its not n...

How do I draw a tower?

I draw everything in the vector. Everything starts from sketch. This can hardly be called sketches, but they give a small landmark Then I draw the first tower, and use pattern of the tower on the other In the end I try on a tower visual effect

Moving towards 'BooH' beta, new level & animation added

Hi all, Making nice progress on BooH, Multi level now working as a charm. When adding a new level to my game for the 1st time, I've encountered quite some 'small stuff' that needed adjustments. But I've now reached the point where the player can play both levels and hit the leaderboard if they're good enough. The engine (/ framework) is becoming more and...

8-Type Triplanar Mapping

On a whim, I decided to go ahead and implement a version of the tri-planar shader that uses all 8 detail layers in the atlas. http://i.imgur.com/FSXbWFm.jpg Surprisingly, it still runs at around 13fps, and that's with the triplanar material applied even to the ground tiles. I did do some rearranging of the operations in the shader to make it work, thou...

Art - Work in progress

It is art time again :-) I'm working on the creatures you can encounter in Gnoblins at the moment. Currently there are almost 20 different creatures in the pipeline, most are still in the modelling state. But I've created lot of new blender templates for rigging certain types of models (like humanoid, quadruped etc.), a new texturing template and new temp...

The Harvest: Castle Prototype

I have attached a screenshot of what I have been working on for the past week. The overall time to complete this has only been about 2 hours but with the purchase of the new house I have very little time to actually sit down and work on the models. In the interest of showing off what I have I wanted to share so here ya go! http://www.bhslaughter.com/foru...

Researching render loops for OpenGL 4.0+

For a hobby project I had to look at opengl render loops so here is a fast recap of the main things I pulled out of a day of reading and searching. The best hint I found was a talk from GDC 2014, linked down belowe. Also note all code here is just pseudo code, I plan to actually implement the loop in the coming days. Tutorial Loop Most intro tutoria...

Band of Drones released on Steam

Band of Drones is now available on Steam. There are many improvements since the first public release on Desura, including: - Local Co-Op (good old hot seat mode). - Turrets - One Way Barriers (I think these actually have a huge impact on gameplay, as you can use them as cover and have a big advantage over the AI). - Gameplay balancing - Many bug fixes an...

Release for android

Hey folks, i released a version for android, other plattforms will follow (iOS, windows phone, PS Vita). A short explanation: You are searching for a new challenge, you love puzzle games and you want to test your spatial-analytical appreciation? In that case ODMO is the right game for you! A lot of tricky levels are spread over different worlds. They...

Isometric balance

Much work later, I achieved a balance that can continue indefinitely, breaking my previous record of 79+ hours, this time without any adjustments or intervention. What does this mean? This means I have a self-stabilizing economic system. The natural mechanic of this is population control. As jobs are more plentiful, income rate goes up, and population inc...


Hello. I uploaded the 3 videos I currently have of the game development. The first one is the old terrain + paths test: - infinite terrain - terrain "patch" system to create craters - random tree placement (with the same system used to place craters) - paths for the red triangles The second one is the menu wit...


This one hurts. Negative review of TotAW: http://www.hookedgamers.com/pc/temple_of_the_abyssal_winds/review/article-1432.html I'm not going to lie, that hurts motivation a little bit. However, now is not the time for deep introspection. I need to crank out the remaining two and 1/2 chapters of TotAW. Once that's done, then it's time to think about the...

Enemys are a headache

First off I haven't had much time recently due to rl commitments but have been trying to do bits and bobs to this as much as possible. So I have added an enemy and they have given me nothing but a headache! From something so simple as trying to stop the roos from moving all the way to trying to get them to chase me correctly which still is not sorted. Fir...

Alien Star Menace Post-Mortem

Preamble Alien Star Menace is available now for iPhone & iPad on the Apple App Store and on Android in the Google Play Store . Background Alien Star Menace started with a simple goal (if you’re a dumb person) - make 7 small games in 7 days. There was some downtime at my day job, and I was itching to put another game out there; I hadn’t releas...

The Mechanical Heart: Room Generation

http://uploads.gamedev5.net/gallery/album_894/gallery_209611_894_263612.png The Mechanical Heart Development Blog Sorry for the laps in journals lately I have recently (by recently I mean 4 months ago) acquired a job as a Mobile game Developer. In this Journal I will discuss the room generation system in The Mechanical Heart. We have already dis...

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