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Developer Journals

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A Quick Introduction to Sampler-Based Profiling

Sampler-Based Profiling: The Quick Version So you're happily working on some code, and suddenly it happens: everything is just too damn slow ! Something is eating up all your performance, but it's not immediately obvious what to do about it. One of the first things any experienced programmer will tell you is to profile . In a nutshell, this is a grizzl...
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My first Unreal Editor Soccer AI Simulation

Though I'm still new to the Unreal Editor and behavior trees, I wanted to create a primitive soccer simulation for a game I'm prototyping. You can get the code in its current form at: https://github.com/Gamieon/UBattleSoccerPrototype Getting Started The first part of my journey was learning how "Blueprints" work in the Unreal Editor. I consider...
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Chamois - Fluent Assertion Syntax for C++

One library that I love in .NET is Fluent Assertions . It takes assertion syntax in Unit Tests and wraps it up in a natural language syntax. Doing so, we get a nice looking structure for our test that reads like a requirement, rather than a bunch of code. For example: Sure, it's nice and tearse for a programmer, but what if it were more fluent? Or a...

Initial Ideas for tWoA2

My goal for the year, while I have a job that comfortably pays the bills and allows for 3+ days off a week, is to participate in as many game jams as I can. TWoA2 came at just the right time! I'm not part of a team, so I'll be doing all the development myself. I'll be using GameMaker Studio, Paint.NET, the Indie Graphics Builder image library, and Audaci...

Week of Awesome II - Day 2

Progress has been quite good. I've got the core mechanics down. I'm beginning to feel that my idea is maybe a little too simple (or maybe I'm just really awesomehttp://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/cool.png ). Most of the effort will be put into making the individual levels, so that's probably what the next few days will consist of....

The WoA II Topic Revealed - My First Ideas

So, because me and my game dev friend had been working on some tech related to top-down view games over the weekend ... when the WoA II announced their "topic" I was influenced to focus on ideas for top-down action games (the vision I had been using while working on the weekend was Time Pilot 84 style action). So the topic was revealed on Monday - "The T...

WOA2: Day 2 (Gameplay + Explanation)

Previous Posts: Day 01: Theme Previous Day Recap: So, day one was pretty challenging. After working an 8 hour work day I returned home excited to start on the project. Sadly, my body got the better of me and I dozed off while sitting on the couch thinking of things to do with the theme. At around 7pm PST I woke up and got the team members together...

Quick screenshots

I'm excited enough to post an early screenshot of my prototype. I just got dynamic directional lighting to work! I have a sun which arcs across the sky and acts as a directional light source with color being dependent on its position in the sky. The sky color is also a function of the sun position in the sky, so I have a nice, seamless transition between...

Late update

Just a quick update from yesterday's progress, me and my designer friend have an idea for the game and are preparing assets for it. We decided on a simple sidescroller that makes use of the theme, and mixing it with a bit of horror in preparation for Halloween! Here is a quick screen capture. We also got a name, Kludge!

Day 2 - Video

So today was just adding in some basic stuff to the engine, and some design and starting the proper art... So hopefully tomorrow I can show off some nicer stuff. The story is roughly done, incorporating the "toys come alive" theme. Anyway, here's the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HshlJyBE3l0&list=PLlVGjJv1iNkhsYuMrlULAtDAe2d1zSREl

"The Week of Awesome II" Day 2

Hello all. Progress update: I have the basic setup of the game going, A little behind schedule... Day 3: I plan on getting a play controller setup and working. Add some default enemies to battle. Fix my matrix rotation math so that the objects don't get squwerd when they are rotated. Game states( Menu, Idle, Playing Etc ) Basic AABB collision detectio...

The Feature-fracturing algorithm

Time for yet another rewrite of my CSG tool. Yup. Instead of going down the iso-surfacing road like earlier attempts, I now take a more boolean-like approach. This in the sense that I no longer convert the input geometry into an intermediate distance field, but keep it in its original b-rep form throughout the merging process. The advantage being that it...

Core Gameplay Implemented

I got my core gameplay implemented today. If my description of the game I am trying to make did not make much sense to you yesterday , then look at the gif. It shows the player navigating to the grapple hook/magnet and using it to retrieve the stolen teddy bear. The player can also maneuver the ship left and right and shoot the guns to destroy the enemies...

An idea, finally!

So I think we can all agree that getting an idea for a game jam takes time, especially if the theme of said game jam is outside of our expectation. Seriously, "The toys are alive"? Needs a twisted genius to come up with such theme. Not. The theme is so simple, to the point that it literally stunned me when I first read it. Of course, after I gathered my...

Revel Immortal version 22-d sneak peek

Greetings all, I had a semi-productive weekend as planned in my last journal entry. The result is that a pretty significant internal milestone has been reached in the re-design of Revel Immortal. While it wont be apparent to most of you; a large amount of the technical underpinnings needed to support Revel (view systems, gui, interaction with the accou...

End of Day Two

We are exhausted. We ran into problems. We stopped to get some beer. Actually helped take a little edge off. As soon as this post is finished it is bed time for us. We have a working prototype. I think we have a great idea and I hope we end up impressing at least one person. At the very least I think we are impressing each other. I badly want to show wha...

The Week of Awesome II - Day 2 - This way lies madness?

Theo does some modeling for the game... And it looks like he might be helping with the story as well. Previous Entry: http://www.gamedev.net/blog/1922/entry-2260138-the-week-of-awesome-ii-day-1-so-it-begins/ Last weekend's prep, SHOT IN THE ASS: So last weekend, a gamedev buddy of mine came over and we spent some time brainstorming about what the the...

Day 2

First, I updated my art. My mom volunteered to draw some sprites for me, so that made it easier. Then I added more types on enemies. First the Bear, that takes 3 hits to kill and is a lot bigger and slower then the marionettes. I spend a lot of time trying to display the health bar above the bears head, but when it didn't work, I decided to try again late...

The Week of Awesome....

... unfortunately happens to coincide with "The Week of Five Consecutive 12 Hour Night Shifts", so I'm afraid that my game idea of "Santa Claus is murdered by the hell-born toys from his sack, and with his dying breath commands Bizkip the Elf to take up the custom modified Nerf gun he uses for protection from sleigh-jackings and put down the brutal toy re...

Day 2: The Character Design

So there it is. The 3D model of our player character is ready. Now it's gonna be textured. So it's still work in progress but I think we are making progress. Screenshots and sketches of the level design will follow soon!

Week of Awesome II #2

Did some arts today, but lack enough time for more toys. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9SfCxeByaE There seems to be a lot of teddy bears entering this contest. After all, who don't like teddy bears? I am extremely fond of my dying animation. http://azureblaze.idv.tw/teddy.gif Animations was done with Spriter: http://brashmonkey.com/spriter.htm M...

planning out game idea

So for the last 2 days we have been creating a documentation for the game idea and have started to lay out the foundations for the game. But things are going a long very well the team is starting to no what they need to do and hopefully this will be getting into full swing tomorrow.

Week of Awesome II Concepts and Problems

Hey guys, Doboss here. We did a lot of thinking yesterday and we came up with couple of ideas. We also have major problem. Our programmer Makokvak needed to go to work yesterday and also today, so our time was really cut down. But I hope we can manage. Firstly, we thought about making rogue like game but with strategy elements. You would micro manage ba...

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