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Developer Journals

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Getting Back on the Horse.

Well, here we are. It's about 10 months since I last posted an entry in this journal, and that entry was all about sticking with it and not dropping things. Does this qualify as irony? http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png What often happens in the world of non-professional game developers is this thing called "Life"....
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Thoughts on Direct3D 12

Introduction At the BUILD 2014 conference, Max McMullen provided an overview of some of the changes coming in Direct3D 12. In case you missed it, take a look at it here . In general, I really enjoy checking out the API changes that are made with each iteration of D3D, so I wanted to take a short break from my WPF activities to consider how the new (pre...
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GPU profiling in Visual Studio 2013 Update 2

The graphics debugging tool formerly known as PIX has been integrated into Visual Studio for a while now, and gets better in every release. But unlike Xbox PIX, the Windows incarnation of this technology has until now been only for debugging and not profiling. It provided lots of information about what happened, but none at all about how long things took....

Paper Cowboys Dev: Almost alpha time!

Updates have been few and very far between; mainly because most of the work I've done doesn't directly result in new stuff to show everyone. I'm over that part now, and papa's got a brand new bag! Special Weapons Special weapons get spawned at random when players shoot barrels. If you're one of those people who plays Diablo 3 and never gets a legendary...

Software OpenGL Rasterizer + Quake 2

basically, lacking much better to do recently, I wrote a basic software rasterizer and put an OpenGL front-end on it, then proceeded to make Quake 2 work on it: yes, kind of sucks, but there are some limits as to what is likely doable on the CPU. also, it is plain C and single threaded scalar code (no SSE). a...

Lines with rounded corners

My girlfriend asked me today if I'm behind schedule on my game. I didn't really want to answer her, but she pointed out that I was planning on hiring an artist to work with me in December. It's long past December and I'm not really ready for an artist to come in and start making art assets. That's a few months off, at the very least. So, yes, I'm behind b...

Failed Kickstarter and New Projects

Whelp, unfortunately our Kickstarter for Lord Sen's Battle Arena wasn't successfully funded. The game will still be coming out, but we're not sure how we're going to approach it. Our options are to finish the work and put it out with my ugly art or put it off until we have the funds to pay the artist. This also gives us a chance to review the direction of...

The tiled beginning of my journey

It's been a while since I first registered at Gamedev.net, and I've taken advantage of some of its features, notably the forums and the hobbyist projects listing. The journey to become a full-fledged game developer is arduous, and full of obstacles. That said, it's also enjoyable. I've had lots of a-ha moments that is simply too fond to let go, and theref...

Back to CharacterControllers

Dumped the 2D game. It was going okay technically but just wasn't fun to play so had to make the decision to scrap it. Back determined to write a 3D platform game again, so back to grappling with a 3D character controller. Learned a few tricks in the 2D game to do with raycasting to find the floor for handling slopes, hopefully will make this more suc...


http://uploads.gamedev5.net/gallery/album_616/gallery_193470_616_689077.png Radical Heroes is now available on Desura! The official version 1.04 Includes "Mapboy" an on screen navigation device and a total menu revamp! We have tried to streamline the UI to make it easier to navigate. There are additional tweaks here and there. Nine full stages each with...

Porting Accidental Noise Library to .NET

I've been inspired by the images that JTippetts ' Accidental Noise Library can generate. However, these days I do very little C++ work so I felt like tinkering with a little project that would help me tip my toe back in this water and also have a bit of fun. As a result, I decided to have a crack at porting Accidental to .NET. I'm aware that James Petr...

Customizing Visual Studio GPU profiling

The GPU profiling feature discussed in my previous post includes a not-very-obvious customization mechanism: Graphics / Start Diagnostics , use Print Screen to capture frames, then return to Visual Studio Open up the folder that contains the resulting .vsglog capture file (eg. right-click on GraphicsExperiment1.vsglog and select Open Containing Folder...

Test level image

Right, let's try a slightly more interesting journal entry than the last one, shall we? One with something more than just boring text? http://i.imgur.com/xy4B9RI.jpg This piece of level test art is mainly for my own use as a testbed for implementing my various mechanics and effects. Obviously, a final product will look way better than this (as this is...

First Chapter - Game Design

Well, after a couple of months we are almost finishing with designing the first chapter of our first adventure game "The Seven Tides". The game tells the story of John Riley a boy living in the Island of Chelonii. After a visit from an old acquaintance, his grandfather goes missing, and John embarks on a quest to find what happened to him, while discover...

Website is Functionally finished

EDIT: By popular demand, I split it into paragraphs, and proofread it to. Will do the same for future posts. GDC was an Awesome experience. It brought me hope that what I was doing was possible and worthwhile. Just seeing the one man show of "Papers, Please" take a lot of awards was motivational by itself, but also talking to the various booths at the ex...

I'll call it a game ...

Here it is: http://www.procgames.com/demos4/notprocatall.html (might have seen that coming if you saw the last journal entry...) Well, it is anything but finished ... only in the sense that I will not work on it any longer ... and it is buggy as hell. I implemented the recursive trickling of merged tiles the ugly way ... and I did add the removal of fu...

New Game - Charge!

Hi everyone, even though I haven't been blogging it, I have almost completed my latest game, Charge! You play as a sorcerer on a tower who must defeat incoming enemies by throwing spells at them. The full game will have 20+ levels, story mode, 3 difficulty levels, extra weapons and spells. You can download the 1 level demo from Gamejolt .


We are now in the midst of the final week of Kickstarter funding! With the campaign nearing the end, I thought I would give you another development update. First, I spent a few days completely rewriting every bit of text in the game to support multiple languages. You can now change the language from this nifty selector on the main menu, and the whole ga...
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Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

Here are your Journal Land entries from the period of 4 /4 - 4/11. Project Updates RADICAL HEROES: CRIMSON CITY CRISIS - MAD UNICORN GAMES is prepping for the release of Crimson City Heroes on Desura in just four days from now Shipyard Development - nerdboy64 has a new development update on his site and some new images of Shipyard Flappy Assassin i...

Game Update #8

http://www.ruinvalor.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/gorgane_post_001.jpg It has been a while since this blog has been updated and we are very sorry about that. Some of you might have heard but I was deployed (I am in the US Navy) for a few months and while gone had less than desirable internet. Although not much has been done to this blog plen...

Rogue inventory and new build

Got a new build for yall to give a try. I haven't gotten any menu code in place yet so I hacked a way to use different resolutions. Theres 3 options to download each one uses a different resolution. Choose your preference. Like before the game is zipped up with 7zip, but any zip progrogram (winzip, winrar, ...etc) will extract it. If you don't have 2012 v...

Figuring Out Minimalism - Part 1

Originally posted on http://nyphoon.com/ First impressions matter more than we admit. As gamers, we base our initial verdict on the video game's artistic style. Even while watching a video review, the first interaction we have with a video game is with its graphical aspects. http://nyphoon.com/wp-content/uploads/1.-On-Top-of-The-World.png...

SDL_vault is now functional.

Hello Again, Looks like it is all done now. I just did not create that automatic build (sorry about that). I really don't need this, I am just compiling the library along with my project; it is really small, that's easy to do. So, the GitHub repo is here . The documentation is available in PDF here . It is really easy to use, just create a Vault objec...

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