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Project Different Dimension

by Silver Leo Industries

Time Left - 27 Days, 8 Hours

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Views - 706

Time Left - 21 Days, 18 Hours

Music Composer

in Audio Production by smhillis

Hello I am interested in joining a team as a music composer. I enjoy making music to compliment the gameplay and add to the experience. I feel comfortable with all game genres as well as musical genres. I enjoy working within the team to find th...

Views - 672

Time Left - 22 Days, 14 Hours

[RevShare] C# Programmer for Greenlit title Kradens Crypt

in Contract Projects by wisewonky

Please note this project is revenue share based on time spent working on the game. Due to the late entry to the game, we can offer an equal share of the revenue, with respect to your period of time working on the game. So basicly its less of a cut...

Views - 772

Time Left - 7 Days, 16 Hours

game networking project

in Hobbyist Projects by crimson_moon

Looking for a programmer or 3 to code for a simple project. This is to test if a idea will work. No payment, as this is not to be used other than for researching. E-mail Moon0bear@gmail.com

Views - 870

Time Left - 7 Days, 17 Hours

Digital Publishing For Indie Developers

in Hobbyist Projects by SKYRESNET

Greetings! Let me introduce myself, I am Stefan, an entrepreneur, producer, creative director and the CEO of a new game publishing studio. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our studio. We are SKYRES, an ideas driven team formed b...

Views - 1095

Time Left - 22 Days, 18 Hours

Paid Position

Development team needed - High concept game

in Contract Projects by anytekproductions

We have a high concept multi-platform film project with a very unique and interactive "More than a Movie" marketing concept/hook. Part of our concept is a graphic novel series, multiple film related comic book series, a huge online presence with m...

Views - 703

Time Left - 7 Days, 21 Hours

looking for more talented individuals

in Hobbyist Projects by massive02

Hello Everyone,My name is David, recently I took on an indie project recruiting talented individuals both from gamedev as well as many other sites. over the last little while we've been working hard with a bunch of sleepless nights to get our Kick...

Views - 696

Time Left - 9 Days, 8 Hours

[LFW Unpaid] Programmer

in Hobbyist Projects by robertsouthee

I'm a programmer looking to join a small team.Skills:Good knowledge of data structures and algorithmsComponent design3D MathematicsPhysicsBasic AI - State Machines, Behaviour TreesC++Unity3D - C#I have some areas that I would like to improve such...

Views - 824

Time Left - 9 Days, 22 Hours

Looking for artist. But could also use people with other talents

in Hobbyist Projects by Matt8110

Me and my friend are wanting to develop a 2D game. He has no knowledge of game development but has the idea. I myself am a programmer. I know C, C++, Java, and several others. The game will be in Java as I know it best and I want it to be cross pl...

Views - 897

Time Left - 25 Days, 10 Hours

Experienced professional 2D game illustrator

in Art Production by clintsutton

I specialize in iOS games, UI design, menus, backgrounds, character design and animation, and art direction. I have over 15 years working in game design for clients from all over the world. If you have a project you would like an illustrator for,...

Views - 881

Time Left - 10 Days, 16 Hours

Hiring for a team to work with

in Hobbyist Projects by FreddieJuárez21

Hi! My name is Jorge Alfredo, but I like to be called "Freddie". Since I was a child, I was fanatic of the 90's games (Contra, Yoshi's Island, Kirby Nightmare on Dream Land..), that's why the name of the company I want to made. I'm just hiring for...

Views - 705

Time Left - 11 Days, 11 Hours

C#/C++ Programmer [Unpaid]

in Hobbyist Projects by racerboymorgan

Survival Island is a 2D top-down adventure/survival game. It will feature a quirky and simplistic theme with a pixel art style. We are currently a team of three: The artist (myself), writer and composer and thus we are looking for a programmer. We...

Views - 853

Time Left - 26 Days, 21 Hours

FORBIDD3N ALCH3MY - Beautiful Organic Music for Games

in Audio Production by fo3al3

HelloWe are Forbidd3n Alch3my Productions; a boutique composing group.Our primary focus is producing original music for RPG games, 2D, 3D Platform Games, Visual Novels and Short (or Long) Indie Films.We have access to the latest industry level sof...

Views - 595

Time Left - 11 Days, 23 Hours

Artist needed for 3d rpg

in Hobbyist Projects by bennettdev

Hello I am a programmer for my new unnamed rpg. I have spent a while programming a 3d engine and wanted to make a game for experience. The game will be hobby based and will fairly short. If you are a artist or want to help contact me at bennettshe...

Views - 569

Time Left - 12 Days, 6 Hours

Looking for 2D artist

in Hobbyist Projects by Xain_Faith

Looking for a 2D artist to join a newly formed team. This an unpaid position or at least for the first project and projects after the team has produce a game to get our work flow down and find a solid model that works were are Looking at a profit...

Views - 617

Time Left - 12 Days, 19 Hours

Looking for people to start a team

in Hobbyist Projects by Matt8110

My friend and I are looking for people to start a development team with, preferably Java programmers as I am best with Java.

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