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Views - 318

Time Left - 32 Days, 20 Hours

Paid Position

[Sprites] Game Artist

in Art Production by Remos Turcuman

Hello gamers and game developers, my name is Remos and I specialize in creating game sprites -- animated characters, props, tiles etc..I mostly work with isometric assets but I'm quite versatile in regard to other types.My rates are fair and can a...

Views - 194

Time Left - 32 Days, 17 Hours

Paid Position

REPTOMOM (a.k.a. Rambosaurus)

in Hobbyist Projects by ktastrophe

(sorry, video no longer available due to intellectual property issues)This is a platformer that I have been developing, but it's currently trapped in hell for want of more reliable coworkers. The new working title is, as the topic states, REPTOMOM...

Views - 268

Time Left - 17 Days, 7 Hours

Team needed for Perfect Dark spiritual successor

in Hobbyist Projects by RedMcCloud

Team:Me: Lead Designer, WriterJorg: Character DesignerWhat's Needed:Coder with experience in Javascript and CsharpSomeone with decent 3D modeling expertiseTexture artistAll above three have to have at least some knowledge of Rareware/Rare's worksW...

Views - 234

Time Left - 30 Days, 21 Hours

Paid Position

Ryan Smith - Game Audio Specialist

in Audio Production by Blinn

Welcome!My name is Ryan Smith, founder of Blinn Audio. I am a sound engineer based in the UK, specializing in game audio, sound effects, ambient tracks, and foley recordings.I'd like to show you some of my work and let that do most of the talking:...

Views - 414

Time Left - 15 Days, 20 Hours

We are looking for creative Writers and Programmers. :)

in Hobbyist Projects by tysurfs

Hello every one,As some may have seen, i have been posting here and had tremendous success in requiting fantastic/creative individuals. We are on our way to create a fun and competitive game. We are currently looking for few more talented people.D...

Views - 323

Time Left - 15 Days, 18 Hours

Another Fantasy MMORPG (2011-Memoria Project)

in Hobbyist Projects by oleg.zabalujev

Are you a fan of fantasy MMORPG games? Or you just wanna make one? You're in the right place. I know it might look like one more "will fail" MMORPG project, but I have a lot to say about the current state of mmorpgs. Many good old mmorpgs are dyin...

Views - 151

Time Left - 15 Days, 5 Hours

Audio Engineer - Sound Designer

in Hobbyist Projects by JCV

Looking for an Audio Engineer - Sound Designer?My Name is Marios. I am your audio engineer for your project!I specialize in recording - mixing and mastering your audio.I can create custom sounds, or make your current sounds even better using leadi...

Views - 255

Time Left - 15 Days,

Network/Lobby Programmer Needed

in Hobbyist Projects by mattgic

I'm working on some simple card and board games for Facebook and standalone. Currently, there's no Canasta on Facebook and there's no Skip-bo either. That is why I started working on this project. Might as well make it a full-fledged casual gaming...

Views - 292

Time Left - 14 Days, 19 Hours

Dragon survival game - looking for 2D artist

in Hobbyist Projects by goldblaze

Hello, me and a friend are making a top down survival game, similar to games like rimworld and gnomoria. This game makes dragons the main characters, trying to help then survive the onslaught of humans and other dragon clans trying to survive in t...

Views - 175

Time Left - 14 Days, 16 Hours

Artist looking for work

in Hobbyist Projects by Oxin

Hi. I am looking for work. Samples are up-to-date and from my dropbox folder.Here is a fanart of Nova from SC2. I made her blonde first but then recolored to a brunette. The brunette sample is finished but I'll show the blonde sample too.Finished:...

Views - 135

Time Left - 29 Days, 9 Hours

Paid Position

3d Illustration & Visualization Specialist Looking For Work

in Art Production by khanraider

Hello, my name is Alexander and I'm from Russian Federation if this matters. My English is quite fluent at least writing skills, since my verbal is a little bit rusty. I've been interested in CG as long as I remember myself and been working at abo...

Views - 182

Time Left - 14 Days, 7 Hours

Looking for 3D character/texture artists

in Hobbyist Projects by eldwin11929

Looking for 3D character modelers/texturers/riggers to join our group. Please email if interested.Game project here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=320154534&searchtext=email:eldwin11929@yahoo.com

Views - 242

Time Left - 14 Days, 2 Hours

Desolation Looking for Members!

in Hobbyist Projects by pixelplanetgames

Our team is looking for creative programmers, texture artists, UI designers, riggers and marketing representatives to assist in the development and promotion of a third person, open-world science fiction game. As of now, we are already a few month...

Views - 207

Time Left - 28 Days, 5 Hours

Paid Position

Senior 3D artist for hire

in Art Production by ThomasG_art

Hello,My name is Thomas Guillon, I've worked for several years in the game industry as a 3D artist.I've worked on titles like Littlebigplanet 1 and 2 for playstation 3.I also worked on mobile games such as Ravensword 2 and Aralon 2.I'm looking for...

Views - 198

Time Left - 12 Days, 18 Hours

Team needed for facebook RPG

in Hobbyist Projects by chaoskreator

This is basically a tabletop style RPG based on Dungeons and Dragons style play. The users can create adventuring parties and delve into the world's many quests.

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