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Views - 239

Time Left - 18 Days, 9 Hours

Artists and Programmer needed for 2D Iso ARPG

in Hobbyist Projects by eezstreet

For quite a while now, I haven't found a game that could really scratch the same itch that Diablo 2 does. I am creating my own spiritual successor to the game, with some twists to the original formula to make it more of an RPG and less of a loot/g...

Views - 231

Time Left - 17 Days, 10 Hours

Programmer / Web Developer looking for projects (In September).

in Hobbyist Projects by jduyon

Hi Everyone, I will be looking for a new hobby project to work on. I won't have much free time until near the end of September, but figured I'd start planning it out now. I'm currently working as a Data analyst who has a good background in Python...

Views - 192

Time Left - 16 Days, 4 Hours

Nesting Monster TRPG seeks programmers (unity)

in Hobbyist Projects by SoillessGames

Hello We are developing a TRPG in unity and we seek collaborators for programming. We are about to start the prototype and our Lead Programmer had to leave the project. The game combines features of pet games/monster hunting with alchemy. We seek...

Views - 246

Time Left - 14 Days, 11 Hours

Looking for A 2D Artist & Software Engineer to Collaborate

in Hobbyist Projects by GameChanger

I would like to find like minded individuals who would like to make small but innovative games on handheld devices.

Views - 303

Time Left - 14 Days, 3 Hours

Team looking for fresh blood

in Hobbyist Projects by glportal

Wants:Writing, C++, Blender, Mapping, Foley, 3D and 2D Art.Haves:Very active team, a lot of players, low pressure, low stress environment,International Team, different toolchains and programming languages.Contact:Through PM here or on the website....

Views - 244

Time Left - 12 Days, 21 Hours

Looking for PROGRAMMER AND SOUND ARTIST for a mobile app

in Hobbyist Projects by mr.pissarro

An unnamed development team is looking for a programmer and digital/ game artist/ sound that has experience with mobile games using Unity, NGUI, Photoshop, Flash, and sound programs. Our game is a side scrolling, underwater, shooting adventure inc...

Views - 219

Time Left - 12 Days, 18 Hours

programmer looking

in Hobbyist Projects by owiley

hi im a programmer looking for project

Views - 286

Time Left - 11 Days, 18 Hours

Looking for Well Rounded Beginner

in Hobbyist Projects by kmccoart

I'm looking for someone that's serious about game development and wants to start small building 2D html or flash games. I need someone that has experience in both graphics and programming.

Views - 261

Time Left - 10 Days, 22 Hours

Urgent developers needed

in Hobbyist Projects by I M RON

We are a new indie game development team working on an action RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world. This project is for revenue sharing.We do aim to establish a studio which you may be part of if you are with us until the end of production of the g...

Views - 279

Time Left - 9 Days, 21 Hours

Point and Click Horror Project

in Hobbyist Projects by Deanomac

Noob alert! Thought I'd get that out of the way now. I am new to programming and game development. What I lack in skill, I make up for in ambition, vision, and balls. I hope to kill several birds with this advert. Number one. I am in need of a me...

Views - 294

Time Left - 9 Days, 13 Hours

[UNPAID] [CyberBit Crew] Looking for Team Members

in Hobbyist Projects by sarvsav

Hi Everyone,We are working on a project nambed cyberbit. The project is a learning project. In this project, we will create a 2D side scroller superhero fantasy based game. The game is influenced from secret maryo. The technology we are using for...

Views - 174

Time Left - 9 Days, 12 Hours

Looking for a Good 2d artist Non Paid Position

in Hobbyist Projects by DuskLord

Hello I am single Developer I am looking for a 2d artisit/animate who can be from beginner to Intermediate level to draw for my Project. Note: This is a Non Paid Position meaning you will be paid 50% of total profit after Game Sells on Android an...

Views - 255

Time Left - 9 Days, 4 Hours

Developer seeking small, fun, unique projects

in Hobbyist Projects by jpadevel

Hello all!I'm a developer with Unity experience (as well as C++ and Objective-C experience) looking for relatively small, fun, unique projects. Currently have my own projects (primarily mobile) so I'm looking to gain experience with other platform...

Views - 382

Time Left - 7 Days, 18 Hours

Indie PC Game Development Group looking for new members.

in Hobbyist Projects by battleonfan1

Hi. My name is John Wells. I am a part of a Indie game company known as Orien Games. Come join us on our journey to create PC games and possibly Flash games.

Views - 179

Time Left - 7 Days, 9 Hours

Let's make a Commodore 64 game!

in Hobbyist Projects by musa96

I'm porting Shaw's Nightmare to Commodore 64. I need a programmer which can do the project. + The game will be stored in disks. + It will also work on Commodore 128. + It will take the best 15 levels from the PC version.

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