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Views - 163

Time Left - 6 Days, 1 Hour

Artists, Modders needed for a M.U.G.E.N. based game

in Hobbyist Projects by jblaze

Hi everyone, We're a group of M.U.G.E.N. modders currently working on a game called Fusion Xtended based on the M.U.G.E.N. fighting engine, looking for interested character artists, stage artists, & other artists/ other modders (scripters...

Views - 151

Time Left - 6 Days,

Need a team for an almost cpmpleted brain teaser game

in Hobbyist Projects by deysourav

As the title suggest I need a team, who ca help me with a brain teaser game. The main thing you have to do is to market the game, I have almost completed the, only few finishing touches are left

Views - 178

Time Left - 5 Days, 20 Hours

Looking for story writer/designer for 3D RPG

in Hobbyist Projects by MarkBuckley

I started working on the concept for a project a few weeks ago and I need a good story writer/designer to progress from concept phase to development phase.

Views - 151

Time Left - 5 Days, 6 Hours

Composer / Sound FX designer

in Hobbyist Projects by JonathanRace

I'm a producer/composer/mastering engineer and so far the majority of what I've done has been electronic music production and while I've made some money through releases and DJ'ing my main passion that I want to be pursuing is in video game music...

Views - 337

Time Left - 4 Days, 11 Hours

We need your help!

in Hobbyist Projects by Cave Bear

Cave Bear is an Indie game development studio set in the cold north of England. We are just starting up but need people who are passionate about gaming and game development to help us with our game project Pioneer.We are fun to work with but matur...

Views - 143

Time Left - 2 Days, 17 Hours

Homeworld 2 MOD, post-Gearbox edition

in Hobbyist Projects by Chimas

Hi,I'm Chimas, I've been modding HW2 for 2 years and now I'm haulted waiting for GBX to release the Remastered Edition and the new mod tools.More info about me here and here . Let's talk about the project.In the attached file there is a prospect f...

Views - 231

Time Left - 2 Days,

free 3d action game opening some positions

in Hobbyist Projects by glportal

Hello, we have new openings for our open source action game/engine GlPortal. Check out the videos

Views - 299

Time Left - 1 Days, 5 Hours

Looking for Programmer for 2D Sidescroller

in Hobbyist Projects by Oxin

I'm looking for a programmer to help me learn coding in exchange for him and I collaborating on a game where I am the level designer / artist.Here is the side scrolling adventure I am doing. I don't even know how to make the camera work.Contact me...

Views - 225

Time Left - 1 Days, 1 Hour

Island Troll Tribes!

in Hobbyist Projects by zebrakiller

**Disclaimer** **Virtual Patent pending via United States Patent and Trademark Office** I have been playing video games my entire life and I have recently decided that I wanted to design my very own game. I am 24 years-old, I am passionate about...

Views - 333

Time Left - 8 Hours, 6 Minutes

"Kronology" Looking for Talents!!!

in Hobbyist Projects by JCV

Recruitment Sheet for upcoming game title "Kronology"First of all if you're going to ask about payment (budget), there'll be stages, Pre-alpha<alpha<beta<closed beta<open beta etc...and we will be working on the pre-alpha which wil...

Views - 401

Time Left - Expired

Looking for a full development team to complete major project.

in Hobbyist Projects by codylegge

Hey my name is Cody. I've been interested in computer's and computer games since the age of 7 , I've spent hours and hours playing video games, But after a while i have grew out of alot of my common games. Ither that or they've died out over time...

Views - 195

Time Left - Expired

NSD Studios seeking an experienced game designer and 3d artists

in Hobbyist Projects by Ninjaschooldropouts

Hello, and thank you for viewing our ad! Ninja School Dropout Studios is a small indie game studio working on our first project. We are currently seeking experienced game designers, 3D artists and animators. The game is still in the concept phase...

Views - 212

Time Left - Expired

Need 2 D Game Artist

in Hobbyist Projects by mr.pissarro

We are looking for a 2d artist for a mobile game being created in Unity. We are a small team in need of a 2d artist that has access to their own software. Mainly background images, and level design. Will be helping lead artist. The game is uni...

Views - 367

Time Left - Expired

Looking for members: 2d top down rpg

in Hobbyist Projects by BaneTrapper

Hello i am BaneTrapper.I have started this project with idea to create a 2d rpg with rogue like elements, but as time passed, and to team joined a great story writer, the project shifted more on the story side so currently we are aiming to make: 2...

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