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QuestEvent Job List

by Fivang

Time Left - 3 Days, 16 Hours

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Views - 134

Time Left - 29 Days, 1 Hour

Artist Seeking Programmer for 2D Survival Game

in Hobbyist Projects by badmonur

I am a very talented 2D artist and concept artist. I am seeking a partner to create a demo for my game. It is about a lone girl searching for any trace of her siblings in a barren frozen tundra. The goal of the game is to survive and through survi...

Views - 90

Time Left - 29 Days, 7 Hours

Looking for a 2d artist for a isometric dragon survival game

in Hobbyist Projects by goldblaze

This is Jason, coming to you to see if there are any game artists out there, we’re looking for a sprite artist and animator for our game, which we have a update blog here: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/dragonsurvivalFor now, we’ll be just working on...

Views - 66

Time Left - 29 Days, 9 Hours

Composer looking for opportunity to work with developers

in Hobbyist Projects by firasdweik

Hello,I am new to this website and have been interested in working with indie devs. I've been making music for about 4 years now and wish to create a portfolio for future hobbyist projects. For an example of the type of work I do, please see the l...

Views - 199

Time Left - 30 Days,

Paid Position

REPTOMOM (a.k.a. Rambosaurus)

in Hobbyist Projects by ktastrophe

(sorry, video no longer available due to intellectual property issues)This is a platformer that I have been developing, but it's currently trapped in hell for want of more reliable coworkers. The new working title is, as the topic states, REPTOMOM...

Views - 332

Time Left - 30 Days, 3 Hours

Paid Position

[Sprites] Game Artist

in Art Production by Remos Turcuman

Hello gamers and game developers, my name is Remos and I specialize in creating game sprites -- animated characters, props, tiles etc..I mostly work with isometric assets but I'm quite versatile in regard to other types.My rates are fair and can a...

Views - 246

Time Left - 30 Days, 16 Hours

Paid Position

Looking for a sprite artist to make two or three sprite sheets

in Artist by Ansatsu RaKarth

Need someone to make two or three sprite sheets so I can start a kickstarter for an indie retro game. I will pay for them, on a sheet by sheet basis, but I must receive them in an orderly manner (60 days after you have agreed to help). Payment wi...

Views - 517

Time Left - 33 Days, 16 Hours

Paid Position

Narrative designer

in Artist by AAW

All Around The World, a French based company, is looking for a narrative designerAbout the GameThe game, code-named Veure (a Catalan verb meaning “to see”), is a text-based MMORPG which currently runs in a browser. Players travel from space statio...

Views - 87

Time Left - 35 Days, 20 Hours

Matt Oglesby / mjomusic.co.uk - Composition & Sound Design

in Audio Production by MattOglesby

Hi there! I'm Matt Oglesby of mjomusic.co.uk - I offer high quality music composition, production, sound design, and sound editing work. As an experienced Composer and Sound Designer based in the heart of Oxfordshire I offer high quality productio...

Views - 170

Time Left - 38 Days, 5 Hours

Award Winning Sound Design & Music (For HIRE)

in Audio Production by Craft Media Group

Hi, I'm Adam Block, an award-winning Sound Designer & Music Producer who has worked for both Sony and Activision (6 years) on games like Transformers, Guitar Hero, Planetside II, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance II, and many others. My company Craft...

Views - 237

Time Left - 38 Days, 10 Hours

Sky Marshal: Looking to Complete Our Team

in Hobbyist Projects by linternet

Sky Marshal is a competitive Strategy and Action game designed to be the next evolution in eSports featuring two major player roles (Marshals and Strategists), Ranked Matchmaking, Tournament Streaming and user generated customization. The game wil...

Views - 154

Time Left - 40 Days, 22 Hours

Paid Position

Graphic Designer / Artist Needs Work ($10/Hr Cheap Wage)

in Art Production by CFrac

Brief LookChristian is both motivated and dedicated when he is working on a project. He is an individual who possesses said attributes, the creative vision, and passion to learn and meet the demand for excellence. From the origins of his career, h...

Views - 55

Time Left - 44 Days, 6 Hours

Composer Looking to Build Portfolio

in Audio Production by secret traveler

Dear Gamedev users, My name is Marc and I am a game music composer. I have recently graduated college with a degree in instrumental music and I am currently looking for a team or project to integrate my music and sound effects into. You can view...

Views - 101

Time Left - 44 Days, 19 Hours

Paid Position

Project Manager – Lead Programmer – Lead 3D Artist/Animator

in Artist by KE1Games

We are currently looking for a Project Manager, Lead Programmer and Lead 3D Artist/Animator. We are going into production of a horror/comedy feature film this summer and building a free-to-play online game to go along with it. We run a virtual off...

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