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Full development team available!

by Jeanthie

Time Left - 35 Days, 23 Hours

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Views - 149

Time Left - 3 Days, 7 Hours

Professional Foley/Sound Engineer

in Hobbyist Projects by sonicninja

Hi everyone, Im a professional Foley Engineer working in Central London and a well repsected audio post house. Im looking to get into games developement and thought this a good place to start. I've recorded sound for a number of high profile games...

Views - 382

Time Left - 3 Days, 12 Hours

Virtual Plague Studios - Looking for more talent

in Hobbyist Projects by MartynTranter

Hello!My name is Martyn Tranter, and I am the Founder and Creative head for Virtual Plague Studios, and our current game Johnny Reboot - And The Legendary Upgrade.We are currently seeking:3D ModelerCreate high and low poly models based off the con...

Views - 223

Time Left - 3 Days, 15 Hours

Trickshot in need of Producer/Director

in Hobbyist Projects by bendabee

Hello!My name is António and I’m the Team Leader/ Game Designer for a game called Trickshot.Trickshot is small game with strong inspiration from games such as Mark of the Ninja, Deadlight and The Last of Us – all this with a very strong toon-ish l...

Views - 172

Time Left - 4 Days, 5 Hours

Concept Artists wanted for a FPS game

in Hobbyist Projects by Lord_Danny

Looking for a concept artist to work with on a sci-fi FPS game that I have in mind. I'm a programmer and I'm the only guy in the team for this project at the moment. The game will be made using the latest unreal engine (UE4). This project is spl...

Views - 396

Time Left - 4 Days, 13 Hours


in Hobbyist Projects by Buzzyboy

I'm rebuilding an old game of mine that was made in 2009. The GUI was horrible and the game consequently had a steep learning curve. The game would average 20 players online at a time and still has a small fan base asking for its return. I'm in t...

Views - 157

Time Left - 4 Days, 18 Hours

Looking for project manager/publicist

in Hobbyist Projects by redpirate

Hello everyone, I'm from a team that is working on a game called Titans' Reign. If you're unfamiliar with the game or want to know more you can check the recruitment thread I posted earlier, Indiedb.com We no longer need artists or sound composers...

Views - 203

Time Left - 5 Days, 11 Hours


in Hobbyist Projects by BloomyUK

Hi there!I am part of a fairly new team that is currently working on their first game together. We have come together for the experience of making games.So far the project looks incredible, the concept is amazing, the team behind the game is amazi...

Views - 286

Time Left - 5 Days, 20 Hours

Assembling Sandbox Hands-on RPG Dev Team

in Hobbyist Projects by (CERBERUS)

Build it yourself Sandbox RPG project. (HIRING)As the title states, this is an attempt at starting yet another game dev team.Now, don't let the concept idea scare you off, nothing is laid into the groundwork yet, just a bundle of scattered ideas.C...

Views - 327

Time Left - 6 Days, 1 Hour

3D Artist Looking for small dev team.

in Hobbyist Projects by tlmmrbstro

I am making this ad quick but i assure you i am 100% serious. I am a 3d mesh and animation artist, looking to form a 3-5 man team. anyone welcome. beginners too.

Views - 320

Time Left - 6 Days, 8 Hours

Why Hire an Artist - Create your own graphics with IGB

in Hobbyist Projects by Gilden

For the past year I've been working on "The Indie Graphics Builder" Hobby turned hopeful business. The IGB is a comprehensive "Build your own" graphics suite for indie developers. The graphics are meant for use with any 2D compatible game engin...

Views - 316

Time Left - 8 Days, 6 Hours

Illarion - An open source online roleplaying game

in Hobbyist Projects by Illarion eV

Illarion - An open source online roleplaying gameWhat is this all about?Illarion (http://www.illarion.org) is an indie open source online roleplaying game that focuses on true roleplaying. All of the characters that you will encounter during your...

Views - 377

Time Left - 8 Days, 11 Hours

Looking for Game Coder!

in Hobbyist Projects by Reok1

Hello there,Mountainwheel Games is a team of talented developers who share a common goal of releasing the highest quality indie games possible. We strive to achieve this goal through hard work, cooperation, and communication with our fans and foll...

Views - 161

Time Left - 10 Days, 3 Hours

Super Farty Turd needs art assets!

in Hobbyist Projects by welly_59

im taking part in game a week challenges on reddit, Im a beginner at unity so im using it as an opportunity to learn how it works etc.For this weeks challenge im making 'super farty turd' - basically a quick and simple flappy bird ripoff. Anyone w...

Views - 154

Time Left - 10 Days, 7 Hours

Medivel Titans

in Hobbyist Projects by jdc

Looking for 1 programmer to help out with a project.Working on a online battle arena, the ideia is to assemble a small part of the hole arena and then keep developing if players like the concept, you can find all the project information at engine...

Views - 271

Time Left - 11 Days,

Team looking for core C/C++ engine programmers

in Hobbyist Projects by flippedbox

Hello,We are looking for new members to join our team. In particular:Core engine programmers [C/C++]- Strong C/C++ skills with OOP knowledge required (very good with pointers, data structures and algorithms, STL, templates).- Have good programming...

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