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Pixel Artist looking to join a team

by SpeedyC

Time Left - 23 Days, 6 Hours

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Views - 261

Time Left - Expired

Join me in creating a game!

in Hobbyist Projects by Earth-Studios

Hello. I'm looking for someone with experience in game development to join me in creating a game for Android none paid work. If the game develops into something with potential then future payment arrangements can be made.   Information about...

Views - 141

Time Left - Expired

Paid Position

3D Work Positions for Fighting Game Project

in Hobbyist Projects by GreatDragon AD

My name is Adrian Santos, Community Manager for Respec Gaming Studios. We are currently working on our first project which is a 2D Fighting Game called S.H.I.F.T. Here is our website. http://respecstudios.wix.com/shift At this time we ar...

Views - 265

Time Left - Expired

Looking for a Sound designer for 2d game!

in Hobbyist Projects by Charlene Sing

We are small remote team looking for a Sound designer for a mobile game being created in Unity. We need someone that will work based off of sales after the game is put out into the app stores. We have a contract that will give everyone a percenta...

Views - 570

Time Left - Expired

Need 2d artist/animator for game

in Hobbyist Projects by Sanshirou2405

Hi everyone,  I have made a game in opengl. The basics of the game are pretty much finished but i will add some features in the future. The game plays well but looks very bad ^^. So i need a artist/animator to draw the animation of the charac...

Views - 121

Time Left - Expired

Composer Looking For Project

in Hobbyist Projects by AMM45

Hey. I'm Andre. I'm looking for a team working on something more story-based. Preferably in the RPG genre but just let me know if you're interested.  I have some tracks here:  https://www.youtube.com/user/FFTLguy44  https://soundclo...

Views - 245

Time Left - Expired

Steampunk/Western RPG

in Hobbyist Projects by RonNukem

We are developing a RPG style game based around our film project, "Outlawed Faith" - a steampunk/western in a sci-fi universe. You can find more here: http://www.theforgestudios.com/#!science-fiction-film-sci-fi-movies-weste/cv8w We have a le...

Views - 240

Time Left - Expired

[Looking][Multiple Positions] Dark Medieval RPG

in Hobbyist Projects by Red River Digital

  About The GameGenre:Isometric 3D RPG Platform:PC / OSX Premise:Birmwood is a dark medieval RPG with Slavic inspiration. The game offers thoughts on the fate of a hero in fiction, the sacrifices he has to take and their impact...

Views - 190

Time Left - Expired

Medieval Survival Game - Looking for help

in Hobbyist Projects by Chris_White

I am starting from scratch, looking to create a 2D top down/side scroller survival game. It isnt survival in the general sense it is quite different. I am looking for anyone from artists to programmers to just over all help. If you think you can p...

Views - 183

Time Left - Expired

Virtual Idol (demo)

in Hobbyist Projects by Braincake Productions

Hello, my name is Amanda Snowflake. I'm working on a game that needs a demo. Right now we only have 1 dev and thus the project is suffering. The demo is only one level, and it's half way (40%) programmed already we simply need a little more help w...

Views - 136

Time Left - Expired

Browser game looking for Game Designer & PHP scripter

in Hobbyist Projects by jdc

The project is closed in a BETA stage Looking for a game designer to help improve game functionality. Prior experienced is required. A programmer To help improve the interface and some functionality, most have good skills in PHP, CSS and 2D editio...

Views - 290

Time Left - Expired

Paid Position

3D Character Artist, Environmental Artist Wanted (Paid Gig)

in Contract Projects by Kevin Dressel

Indie developer Play Likely is commissioning 3D art for their top down shooter "Skirmish Glade. See the full ad below: http://www.playlikely.com/index.php/seeking-artist/ You can see the prototype in action (with placeholder art): S...

Views - 192

Time Left - Expired

Game Developer Community Started on Twitch

in Hobbyist Projects by LatchGameDev

Hello everyone! This is Latch, I’m making a game and streaming all of it’s development on twitch. Since I stream everyday I've started making a community of game developers that help other game developers. But we also hold classes to get new peopl...

Views - 155

Time Left - Expired

Mobile developers & artists for project

in Hobbyist Projects by raccoonv

Hi there!  Thanks for taking the time to read this advert in the Hobbyist section of Gamedev.  After years in the gaming industry me and my partner have had many game ideas over the years. Currently we've got a game idea that we want to...

Views - 206

Time Left - Expired

Paid Position

Seeking Programmer, C++ derivative, multiplayer sandbox

in Hobbyist Projects by Jakkar

Seeking programmer to work with an established team creating new content and integrating open source content into an online-multiplayer sandbox game.  While we're a volunteer-run project, cash compensation for the time and effort spent by a c...

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