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Music/Sound Design From Gamer To Gamers

by leadsquid

Time Left - 37 Days, 16 Hours

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Views - 627

Time Left - 24 Days, 9 Hours

Want to join a hobby adventure project?

in Hobbyist Projects by Vollkrasser

Hi,I'm working on a little adventure game in the victorian style with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Work in progress you can see in the links below and here enclosed. The game will be free and playable for all without registration on the platfor...

Views - 641

Time Left - 6 Days, 16 Hours

Bloxus! - Need 2D Vector Artist - Simple/Minimal Puzzle Game

in Hobbyist Projects by Osteel

Hi GameDev!I'm currently working on a small puzzle game during my free time at work and am in desperate need of an artist to create clean, cute and simple assets for it. The game is pretty minimal, so it will be very few art pieces and just simple...

Views - 660

Time Left - Expired


in Hobbyist Projects by WindozeNT

OpenSmash is a free and open source multiplatform rewrite of Super Smash Bros. (mainly basing on Brawl and 4) in Unity3D. It is designed to be a highly-expandable version of the game(s). New characters, stages, modes, and UI changes can be easily...

Views - 677

Time Left - 13 Days, 2 Hours

Looking for 2D Artists // 2D SciFi Sidescroller

in Hobbyist Projects by nedayoron

Hello! We're looking for 2D artists to help with the project. The game is a Sci-Fi 2D sidescroller. We're looking for people to join the team. We will mostly be using Skype among other programs. The game artstically followers alien lifeforms a...

Views - 689

Time Left - 16 Days, 3 Hours

[OFFERING] 2D Graphical Assets -royalty free

in Hobbyist Projects by Gilden

I've been working many years on 2D graphical assets. For a limited time, I'm offering a subscription to my site http://graphicsforgames.com which allows for complete download of all assets available. I'm hoping to get enough funding to continue...

Views - 691

Time Left - 28 Days, 13 Hours

Make Artwork for The Ditty of Carmeana better than abysmal

in Hobbyist Projects by aerojockey

Let's get right to the point. The Ditty of Carmeana's graphics suck so bad that I'm not even going to show you a screenshot. And yet it is currently Top 100 in Steam Greenlight with over 2000 Yes votes. That should tell you that underneath the hid...

Views - 692

Time Left - 20 Days, 7 Hours

Argent Studios - Positions available!

in Hobbyist Projects by ArgentStudiosJaye

Hello there fellow indies! We are currently working on our up and coming emotion filled Dark High-Fantasy Role playing game: Nocturne The Nethelic Gate. The team and I are currently looking for experienced developers to fill these positions within...

Views - 693

Time Left - 10 Days, 3 Hours

Casual Puzzle Game for Tablets

in Hobbyist Projects by JOrrWhat

Hello GameDev Community, I am a Houston, TX based Software Developer that designs games in my free time. I have been working on a C# based prototype for a game that I believe will be an extraordinarily successful tablet game one day soon. I am lo...

Views - 717

Time Left - 12 Days, 23 Hours

Physics based game/project at idea phase needs programmer

in Hobbyist Projects by BrinzerDecalli

Hey, welcome to my ad, and thanks in advance for reading my little story! I went to college in Philadelphia for digital animation but when I think about games, I place mechanics at top priority, and likewise feel a game should be built around pla...

Views - 729

Time Left - Expired

Need Designers, Coders, and anyone really

in Hobbyist Projects by Burd

The Hunger Games, The Survival Games, Battle Royale, and many other things we have seen in other games. The Hunger Games has always been mimicked in other games but there is no standalone multiplayer only hunger games game out there, that I've see...

Views - 742

Time Left - Expired

Need a Team [All Accepted EXCEPT AUDIO PRODUCERS]

in Hobbyist Projects by GruesomeGames

We are looking for passionate people to help with an extremely ambitious project of building a Fantasy game. We are beginning a KickStarter some time near the end of April in hopes to get the word out and get funding in so there will be paid posit...

Views - 745

Time Left - 23 Hours, 30 Minutes

Concept art required for horror/mystery adventure game

in Hobbyist Projects by ItsDrDoggEveryone

TL/DR (...aka the short version):Please would someone be good enough to contribute some beautify concept art for a horror/mystery adventure game I am designing. Please reply to this post in the first instance if you are interested.Synopsis (from t...

Views - 763

Time Left - 9 Hours, 4 Minutes

2D Art Game -- Dog

in Hobbyist Projects by NobodysKing

VisionI got into game design and development because I want to make people better people. This project is about creating an immersive and seamlessly branching story while focusing on emotional experiences that will spur people to contemplate their...

Views - 765

Time Left - 13 Days,

Game Testers Needed For Scientific Study

in Hobbyist Projects by wviper3

I need game testers to test a game I developed based off of a sample project from the Unity Asset Store. To play it, choose one of three versions of the game. Game 1: 1. Go To www.stg.x10host.com/Group1.html 2. Open the .html file of the download...

Views - 772

Time Left - 3 Days, 23 Hours

Portfolio Games Need An Artist

in Hobbyist Projects by RinseWashRepeat

Hi there! My name's Matt and I'm slowly building up a portfolio of games and I'm at the point where I'd really like to make my games look a little / a lot better. This is where I need your help. I need an artist to throw me some art so I can put...

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