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Views - 136

Time Left - 23 Days, 4 Hours

Pixel Artist looking to join a team

in Hobbyist Projects by SpeedyC

Hi! My name's Jack. I'm an amateur pixel artist looking to build my portfolio with small games. I've been pixeling here and there for a couple of years, just recently started to get good at it.  I'm looking for a programmer or gamedev team to...

Views - 135

Time Left - 26 Days, 8 Hours

E-Squared Learning - Learn: Tags (Programmers/GDs)

in Hobbyist Projects by E-SquaredLearning

E-Squared Learning – “Learn: Tags” is a game/app that will be an artistic outlet to practice digital graffiti art. Users will have a blank wall that can be interacted with by using different digital spray paint colors, nozzles, and wall colors/tex...

Views - 132

Time Left - 19 Days, 15 Hours

Looking for Script Writer/Organizer for Non-Profit project.

in Hobbyist Projects by actualdev

Usual spiel to explain ourselves: Myself and a friend are professional software devs who'd like to get into regular hobby game making. I almost have the degree (one class away) and a full-time job as a dev. I've completed a hobby game demo that I'...

Views - 128

Time Left - 15 Days, 8 Hours

text mmorpg seeking writer

in Hobbyist Projects by keninn

Hi. I have a text mmorpg I have been working on.. The game has been created from scratch and only runs on the game's Windows client.  It's GUI heavy which allows shortcuts to a lot of the game's commands.  I'm trying to keep the game uni...

Views - 127

Time Left - 8 Days, 14 Hours

[Rev-share] Experienced Team LF Sr./Lead 3D/2D Artists and more

in Hobbyist Projects by tysurfs

Whats up guys,My name is Ty and i am the founder of Interlight Studio. Interlight Studio members are passionate,dedicated,experienced and creative individuals. We are on our way to create a fun and competitive game. Currently in our pipeline we ha...

Views - 123

Time Left - 3 Days, 22 Hours

Rigger/Animator & 2D UI artist for PS4/PC MOBA-like game

in Hobbyist Projects by WilliamPraat

[Update]We have been in production for 8 weeks now, and to show our progress we made a short trailer from our pre-alpha build.You can view it here: We have also updated the open positions.[Update] Ladies and Gentlemen, First of all, let...

Views - 122

Time Left - 11 Days, 9 Hours

C# Programmers Needed for 3rd Person Voxel Space Shooter

in Hobbyist Projects by Vulture7

Code Void - The game: The game is about survival. Landing on a randomly generated ship, you look for items and supplies to scavenge and craft valuable weapons and armor to be the best on the space ship, which has been overrun with countless mercen...

Views - 122

Time Left - 25 Days, 8 Hours

Paid Position

Composer looking to build portfolio

in Audio Production by CZM

Hey all. I've recently opened a new studio near NYC focusing my time on jingles for commercials, soundtracks for movies, and compositions/SFX for video games. I have many years experience and have top of the line software/hardware to produce a qua...

Views - 122

Time Left - 26 Days, 2 Hours

Independent Mobile Game Developers Wanted

in Contract Projects by tilogame

Geek Games, LLC, a limited-liability company organized under the laws of the State of Florida, USA, is looking for independent mobile game developers willing to join a global developers network for TiLo, The Game of Trade, Life and Opportunities.T...

Views - 121

Time Left - Expired

Composer Looking For Project

in Hobbyist Projects by AMM45

Hey. I'm Andre. I'm looking for a team working on something more story-based. Preferably in the RPG genre but just let me know if you're interested.  I have some tracks here:  https://www.youtube.com/user/FFTLguy44  https://soundclo...

Views - 121

Time Left - 16 Days, 10 Hours

Elastic Music - Music for your game

in Audio Production by Elastic Music

Hello, my name is Nick Torretta and I am a professional composer and audio designer.  My work has been featured on internationally televised commercials (Oscar Mayer, Butterball, Aaron's), TV shows (The New Family Feud, America Now!), web adv...

Views - 116

Time Left - 31 Days, 12 Hours

E-Squared Learning - Slammin' and Jammin' Math

in Hobbyist Projects by E-SquaredLearning

E-Squared Learning - Slammin’ and Jammin’ Math (Factors, Multiples and Missing Values) is a throwback basketball game involving practice of math facts and factors/multiples math. It is reminiscent of games such as NBA Jam and NBA Hangtime but with...

Views - 112

Time Left - 11 Days, 6 Hours

Looking for 2d artist!

in Hobbyist Projects by Charlene Sing

We are an indie studio looking for a 2d artist to help polish and finish up a 2d game.  The game has 20 levels, and the polishing part would be on background art for an underwater cartoon ocean scene with paralaxing, and repeating tiles....

Views - 111

Time Left - 29 Days, 5 Hours

Paid Position

Composer looking for ambitious projects

in Audio Production by JCComposer

Hello everyone!  My name is Jayce. I'm a composer with over 8 years of experience composing for film and games. I have worked on games in the past, but unfortunately, these projects were dropped by the developer for various reasons. Therefore...

Views - 110

Time Left - 11 Days, 12 Hours

Medieval Fiction games? A writer wants to join a team.

in Hobbyist Projects by IGreenI

My goal is to see Medieval life revived through gaming experience.I am aimed at presenting quality material and work with your vision of an impactful story told during the Medieval ages.Have a compelling idea set in Middle Ages but would like for...

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