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Looking for C/C++ developer

by yctn

Time Left - 19 Days, 7 Hours

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Views - 163

Time Left - 21 Days, 8 Hours

Racing Manager

in Hobbyist Projects by Blade90

Hey everybody, I wanted to introduce you into my game project. --- What is it about --- I am working on a Racing Manager (Formula 1) right now. The idea was to develop something like Grand Prix World or Grand Prix Manager 2, the good old ones....

Views - 162

Time Left - 6 Days, 23 Hours

team recruit for Interactive picture books(Digital Manga)

in Hobbyist Projects by Adgemon

It's been a long time I have been thinking to make games but I finally though that instead of trying to turn stories into complex games it might be greatif we could make interactive manga comic picture books with fantasy and science fiction storie...

Views - 158

Time Left - 16 Days, 8 Hours

Paid Position

2d Menu and Map artist for new TBS PAID

in Contract Projects by RalemProductions

We here at Ralem Productions are working on Project X, a TBS roguelike shooter. Our 3D animator is currently busy making models and structures, and we need a 2D artist skilled at drawing realistic maps and menu art. This is a paid Position. Con...

Views - 158

Time Left - 24 Days, 6 Hours

Looking to join a upstart game dev team for unity.

in Hobbyist Projects by EddieV223

Hi I am a c++ programmer for many years and also c#. I have read a book on unity but not made anything substantial with it yet. I wish to join a team to make a game asap, I don't really care what type of game as long as its 3d. I love sci fi so...

Views - 156

Time Left - 16 Days, 1 Hour

Super Farty Turd needs art assets!

in Hobbyist Projects by welly_59

im taking part in game a week challenges on reddit, Im a beginner at unity so im using it as an opportunity to learn how it works etc.For this weeks challenge im making 'super farty turd' - basically a quick and simple flappy bird ripoff. Anyone w...

Views - 155

Time Left - 10 Days, 3 Hours

Concept Artists wanted for a FPS game

in Hobbyist Projects by Lord_Danny

Looking for a concept artist to work with on a sci-fi FPS game that I have in mind. I'm a programmer and I'm the only guy in the team for this project at the moment. The game will be made using the latest unreal engine (UE4). This project is spl...

Views - 154

Time Left - 24 Days, 8 Hours

Looking for 2D artist to make Unity2D game.

in Hobbyist Projects by DarkCrisis7

I am looking to develop a game in Unity2D to gain some experience and improve my game portfolio. I have been learning Unity2D for a little while and I am looking for a artist to help me develop something. I have a couple of 2D game ideas which I...

Views - 153

Time Left - 17 Days, 1 Hour

Paid Position

Experienced Composer and Sound Designer for Hire

in Audio Production by nielsvdleest

I'm Niels van der Leest, a composer and sound designer for games based in Holland.I've been working in this industry now for some 8 years and I teach Game Audio on the Music Academy in Haarlem, The Netherlands.I am always looking for new projects...

Views - 152

Time Left - 7 Days, 12 Hours

LF 2D Artist for Hobbyist Project

in Hobbyist Projects by ReubenM

Hey!My name is Reuben. I'm head of a small game dev team based in Sydney, Australia. Unfortunately our current artist has some life events meaning he's really busy and can't work on any projects lately, so we're looking for someone to come in and...

Views - 150

Time Left - 10 Days, 16 Hours

Looking for project manager/publicist

in Hobbyist Projects by redpirate

Hello everyone, I'm from a team that is working on a game called Titans' Reign. If you're unfamiliar with the game or want to know more you can check the recruitment thread I posted earlier, Indiedb.com We no longer need artists or sound composers...

Views - 149

Time Left - Expired

Volunteer Composer for trailers & presentations (30-60s)

in Hobbyist Projects by ddrummerman

If anyone needs a 30s or 60s trailer for a presentation, trailer, sequences, digital storyboards, etc., I'm happy to help out. I am formally trained in music composition and prefer to fully orchestrate with voiced individual instrument samples, as...

Views - 148

Time Left - 6 Days, 12 Hours

Phantom Workshop

in Hobbyist Projects by Phantom Workhsop

Looking for partners to develop Android applications. First job will be to finish Phantom Jump. The game has been designed, programmed and published on the Google Play store. What's left to do is update the graphics and include the rest of the wo...

Views - 145

Time Left - 4 Days, 10 Hours

Electronic Music

in Audio Production by SoundsInside

I produce electronic dance music with a futurist style and high fidelity sound. My influences include trance, house, pop, dubstep, techno, and electro. I believe I can produce the uptempo music you need for your next release. Have a listen to some...

Views - 145

Time Left - 9 Days, 5 Hours

Professional Foley/Sound Engineer

in Hobbyist Projects by sonicninja

Hi everyone, Im a professional Foley Engineer working in Central London and a well repsected audio post house. Im looking to get into games developement and thought this a good place to start. I've recorded sound for a number of high profile games...

Views - 144

Time Left - 16 Days, 4 Hours

Medivel Titans

in Hobbyist Projects by jdc

Looking for 1 programmer to help out with a project.Working on a online battle arena, the ideia is to assemble a small part of the hole arena and then keep developing if players like the concept, you can find all the project information at engine...

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