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Hobbyist Projects

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Are you looking for a team to join or for someone to join your team? Post about it here. Note: This category of ads is to help hobbyists connect. Commercial game jobs should NOT be listed here.

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Views - 710

Time Left - 6 Days, 12 Hours

Survival Island

in Hobbyist Projects by racerboymorgan

Survival Island is a non-profit project idea. The view would be top down and would feature pixel art. The game would require a resource gathering system and a crafting system. I would also like to see a Health and Hunger system. I am not looking f...

Views - 841

Time Left - 8 Days, 17 Hours

Expanding team

in Hobbyist Projects by I M RON

Greetings, we are a fairly new game development team that is need of a few more people so we can efficiently develop our next game. The game:- A small 2.5-3D game that will have a steam punk vibe to it. The aim of this game is to be for practice a...

Views - 767

Time Left - 8 Days, 18 Hours

Sandbox MMO - Kronology - Game Designer Needed

in Hobbyist Projects by revofire

This is a sandbox MMO that borrows many aspects from across multiple games. It strives to have deep story alongside a very open world with complete freedom.

Views - 768

Time Left - 9 Days, 17 Hours

game networking project

in Hobbyist Projects by crimson_moon

Looking for a programmer or 3 to code for a simple project. This is to test if a idea will work. No payment, as this is not to be used other than for researching. E-mail Moon0bear@gmail.com

Views - 867

Time Left - 9 Days, 18 Hours

Digital Publishing For Indie Developers

in Hobbyist Projects by SKYRESNET

Greetings! Let me introduce myself, I am Stefan, an entrepreneur, producer, creative director and the CEO of a new game publishing studio. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our studio. We are SKYRES, an ideas driven team formed b...

Views - 692

Time Left - 9 Days, 22 Hours

looking for more talented individuals

in Hobbyist Projects by massive02

Hello Everyone,My name is David, recently I took on an indie project recruiting talented individuals both from gamedev as well as many other sites. over the last little while we've been working hard with a bunch of sleepless nights to get our Kick...

Views - 694

Time Left - 11 Days, 9 Hours

[LFW Unpaid] Programmer

in Hobbyist Projects by robertsouthee

I'm a programmer looking to join a small team.Skills:Good knowledge of data structures and algorithmsComponent design3D MathematicsPhysicsBasic AI - State Machines, Behaviour TreesC++Unity3D - C#I have some areas that I would like to improve such...

Views - 821

Time Left - 11 Days, 23 Hours

Looking for artist. But could also use people with other talents

in Hobbyist Projects by Matt8110

Me and my friend are wanting to develop a 2D game. He has no knowledge of game development but has the idea. I myself am a programmer. I know C, C++, Java, and several others. The game will be in Java as I know it best and I want it to be cross pl...

Views - 879

Time Left - 12 Days, 17 Hours

Hiring for a team to work with

in Hobbyist Projects by FreddieJuárez21

Hi! My name is Jorge Alfredo, but I like to be called "Freddie". Since I was a child, I was fanatic of the 90's games (Contra, Yoshi's Island, Kirby Nightmare on Dream Land..), that's why the name of the company I want to made. I'm just hiring for...

Views - 695

Time Left - 13 Days, 12 Hours

C#/C++ Programmer [Unpaid]

in Hobbyist Projects by racerboymorgan

Survival Island is a 2D top-down adventure/survival game. It will feature a quirky and simplistic theme with a pixel art style. We are currently a team of three: The artist (myself), writer and composer and thus we are looking for a programmer. We...

Views - 593

Time Left - 14 Days,

Artist needed for 3d rpg

in Hobbyist Projects by bennettdev

Hello I am a programmer for my new unnamed rpg. I have spent a while programming a 3d engine and wanted to make a game for experience. The game will be hobby based and will fairly short. If you are a artist or want to help contact me at bennettshe...

Views - 564

Time Left - 14 Days, 6 Hours

Looking for 2D artist

in Hobbyist Projects by Xain_Faith

Looking for a 2D artist to join a newly formed team. This an unpaid position or at least for the first project and projects after the team has produce a game to get our work flow down and find a solid model that works were are Looking at a profit...

Views - 612

Time Left - 14 Days, 20 Hours

Looking for people to start a team

in Hobbyist Projects by Matt8110

My friend and I are looking for people to start a development team with, preferably Java programmers as I am best with Java.

Views - 423

Time Left - 15 Days, 23 Hours

Sandbox MMO Factions 6yrs production SEEKS ARTISTS

in Hobbyist Projects by TheeLord

Factions www.factionsgame.com is a Sandbox MMO 6 years into production with a wide range of unique elements. If you decided to join our team, your work will not be wasted on a disorganized, disfunctional team. We have been doing this for a long...

Views - 544

Time Left - 16 Days, 20 Hours

3D Animator Wanted - Project Laserfur [RevShare]

in Hobbyist Projects by Tandem

Laserfur is a strategic PvP action game, where players choose one of twelve adorable animals to control their laser pod. Our goal is to create a PvP experience that feels fresh, explorative, vulnerable, and most of all, immerses the player. The ga...

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