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Hobbyist Projects

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1 Artist Required

by JoeVanSickle

Time Left - 29 Days, 8 Hours

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Are you looking for a team to join or for someone to join your team? Post about it here. Note: This category of ads is to help hobbyists connect. Commercial game jobs should NOT be listed here.

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Views - 609

Time Left - 13 Days, 1 Hour

Looking for Sound Design and SFX

in Hobbyist Projects by Charlene Sing

We are small remote team looking for a Sound designer for a mobile game being created in Unity. We need someone that will work based off of sales after the game is put out into the app stores. We have a contract that will give everyone a percentag...

Views - 525

Time Left - 13 Days, 16 Hours

Programmer looking for partnership w/ concept artists

in Hobbyist Projects by ffrost

I'm looking for one or two skilled character and/or mecha designers to collaborate with me on a long-term hobby project of mine. Let's get this out of the way up front: what I'm looking for is, essentially, a creative partnership. I'm looking for...

Views - 417

Time Left - 14 Days, 17 Hours

3D Artist/Animator needed for Point & Click Jam (two weeks)

in Hobbyist Projects by Reverend Speed

The Lion of Zenda - A game about political intrigue and bombings and workplace harassment and coffee in a tiny european country you’ve probably never heard of.The Point and Click Jam (http://jams.gamejolt.io/pointandclickjam 14th - 29th November 2...

Views - 582

Time Left - 15 Days, 20 Hours

Help needed editing sprites for old PC game.

in Hobbyist Projects by KillerKadoogan

I am looking for some help in editing the sprites for NHL '95 for the PC. I am not a strong programmer and I have very little experience hacking into old games. Perhaps this isn't even the right place to look for help. But if anybody is willing he...

Views - 461

Time Left - 19 Days, 2 Hours

Looking for 3D Artists / Designers / Programmers [Details below]

in Hobbyist Projects by Creolent Dev

Looking for a list of game developers [See 'Talent Needed'] to help design a game i am creating. It is a 3D [third person view], Hack n Slash, Dark-Fantasy type, Dungeon Crawler RPG that'll be published mainly to PC as a retail product. It'll be...

Views - 404

Time Left - 19 Days, 4 Hours

Paid Position

Unity RTS with Mark Skaggs Recruiting (all departments)

in Hobbyist Projects by GeneralJist

Hello everyone,I don't generally like throwing people's names around as tools to get people to do things, but that's the strongest card we have right now.This was all started about 10/20/14, so the team is still forming. And the foundations are be...

Views - 604

Time Left - 19 Days, 9 Hours

Looking for members for 2D GAME DEV TEAM

in Hobbyist Projects by Andrade09

Right now I'm working on 2 Projects:A Top-Down Adventure Game:A indie Team for Game dev: https://www.youtube.com/user/RPPPL1At now we are not looking for money, This is just for hobby and fun, at first, so you don't have to be a professional. But...

Views - 225

Time Left - 20 Days, 1 Hour

Code-Ready 3D Fantasy MMORPG - Artists Searching

in Hobbyist Projects by heiro

Hello everyone, Team Uppercore here and we are in search for any type of artists: Models, Rigging, Animations, Textures, 2D Art.This is a hobbyist project, so money are not the motive, but one of the goals.Everything you will need is here.*Site Fi...

Views - 425

Time Left - 20 Days, 2 Hours

2D Artist LF Team - This time Background Artist

in Hobbyist Projects by Oxin

Hello. I am nearly done releasing a game to the android market and would like to have some more work. I'd like to do a sidescroller game. Hope you have a GDD available or something.Samples:Skype: mrsagil

Views - 483

Time Left - 20 Days, 6 Hours

Looking for Artists to work on [CHARACTER MODEL SHEETS]

in Hobbyist Projects by Creolent Dev

BRIEFLY: It is a 3D [third person view], Hack n Slash, Dark-Fantasy type, Dungeon Crawler RPG that'll be published mainly to PC as a retail product. It'll be created in UNITY 4.5+ with custom shaders and lighting. Development is currently at DESI...

Views - 460

Time Left - 35 Days, 7 Hours

Looking for 2D artists

in Hobbyist Projects by jkrebsbach

We have a Multiplayer RPG built in Unity designed for tablets and mobile phones and are looking for artists interested in seeing their work in a video game. We are looking for people comfortable making sprite based artwork and that are excited abo...

Views - 682

Time Left - 20 Days, 23 Hours

Programmers needed to collaborate on a game

in Hobbyist Projects by Mihaita

Hi there,this is my first crack at putting up an app so I'm looking for a developer/programmer to enter into a collaborative partnership with me and see how things go. I'm willing to split everything 50-50 (revenue, street cred, etc) with the righ...

Views - 694

Time Left - 21 Days, 14 Hours

Programmer needed for the Remake of 87's NES game

in Hobbyist Projects by Alex2D

Hi!I have been working on this project of my for 3 long years and by now I have about 100% of the game’s content done. That includes all graphics, soundtrack and texts. Basically, all except the programming… I can draw graphics and compose music,...

Views - 716

Time Left - 21 Days, 16 Hours

Programmer needed to turn-based strategy game!

in Hobbyist Projects by greentiger

I would like to make a turn based strategy game that is mostly MP centered for both Windows and Linux. The game would be isometric in style, using 2D, and with a "rotatable" map view. There would be a unit/party editor, map editor, and a campaign...

Views - 670

Time Left - 22 Days, 1 Hour

3D Model Artist Needed [part time/hobby]

in Hobbyist Projects by Carradine

Hello! I am currently looking for someone to create static 3D models for my game, Vantage: Prehistoric Simulation MMO. I mostly need environmental art (trees, rocks, etc) as well as small to medium objects (prehistoric tools, tables etc.) for my g...

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