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Black Helga looking for a Concept Artist

by bendabee

Time Left - 11 Days, 9 Hours

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Views - 2181

Time Left - 16 Days, 4 Hours

Featured Paid Position

Mid-Level and Senior Game Programmers

in Programmer by Employment Office

About GameloftYou have no doubt played our games, but who are we as a company?Gameloft are one of the world's leading mobile game developers, with some of the most popular games in the market, and over a million new games downloaded each and every...

Views - 26

Time Left - 29 Days, 19 Hours

[Team] Needs Assistant Project Manager

in Hobbyist Projects by tysurfs

Hello forum members,My name is Ty and I am the project manager at Creative Game Tech. We are looking for strong, self-motivated and dedicated individuals to join our team. We are hard at work creating some amazing content. Join us as we approach o...

Views - 27

Time Left - 29 Days, 17 Hours

3rd Person Voxel Game - Space Shooter(Programmers Wanted!)

in Hobbyist Projects by Vulture7

Code Void - The game: The game is about survival. Landing on a randomly generated ship, you look for items and supplies to scavenge and craft valuable weapons and armor to be the best on the space ship, which has been overrun with countless mercen...

Views - 31

Time Left - 29 Days, 17 Hours

Paid Position


in Hobbyist Projects by DIFTOW

Project Title:PiratesDescription:An Unreal 4 Engine Game:Pirates is a multiplayer combat-sim themed in the 18th century Caribbean.You are placed in the role of a pirate and will find yourself battling other pacts,competing for precious booty,and w...

Views - 45

Time Left - 29 Days, 7 Hours

Unreal Engine 4 game looking for programmer and designer.

in Hobbyist Projects by Alex Greentown

Escape Machines is an AAA sci-fi tactical shooter/strategy with awesome story, graphics, music and gameplay. See more info on http://store.steampowered.com/app/363490/Most of all we need a programmer on Unreal Engine but also we need designers.Tha...

Views - 65

Time Left - 28 Days, 19 Hours

Looking for Artists for mostly completed game.

in Hobbyist Projects by d124c0

IntroductionLooking to make a team for a game. I am a competent programmer, but have the artistic skills of a 5 year old.The game itself has most of the parts finished except for the art. I still have to put it all together, but other than that it...

Views - 70

Time Left - 28 Days, 14 Hours

[3D Animators, Texturers, XML Coders] Wanted for SCiFi RTS

in Hobbyist Projects by GeneralJist

Greetings,I'm Eric, PR manager for a team working on a project classed as a Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars modification, though our vision, quality and content go beyond convensional moding. We consist of both hobbyists and individuals str...

Views - 62

Time Left - 28 Days, 13 Hours

Working on a free comedy RPG

in Hobbyist Projects by FoulENT

We're currently in the process of shifting our game from RPG maker into Unity. Obviously that means we need new sprites and tilesets for this. If you would like to know more then check out http://www.foulentertainment.com/foul-fantasy.html or emai...

Views - 87

Time Left - 26 Days, 15 Hours

Unity Programmer for Masters of Conquest

in Hobbyist Projects by playent

Los Angeles based game development startup studio Play Entertainment is looking to collaborate with a Unity programer. Currently, we are working on a title called Masters Of Conquest, a MOBA Tower Defense Third Player Shooter.Please check out the...

Views - 94

Time Left - 26 Days, 13 Hours

Looking for 3D Artists, Developers, Coders etc

in Hobbyist Projects by RobR

Hobbyists (currently located in Seattle,WA / Remote colaboration okay) We are looking for people that want a challenge. This is a learning opportunity, no one on the team currently is very experienced and none of us are paid. we are building a 3d...

Views - 127

Time Left - 25 Days, 20 Hours

[Team] CGT Open Positions

in Hobbyist Projects by tysurfs

Hello forum members,My name is Ty and I am the project manager at Creative Game Tech. We are looking for Strong, Self-motivated and dedicated individuals to join our team. We are hard at work for the past two months and created awesome content. Jo...

Views - 109

Time Left - 25 Days, 16 Hours

Looking for a artist and animator For 2D dragon game

in Hobbyist Projects by goldblaze

This is Jason, coming to you to see if there are any 2D game artists and animators out there, we’re looking for a sprite artist and animator for our game, for which we have a update blog here: http://dragonsurvival.tumblr.com/The game is a 2D, sur...

Views - 67

Time Left - 24 Days, 21 Hours

Modeler needed (rev-share)

in Hobbyist Projects by I M RON

We are a small group of game developers. We are hard at work on a demo of our 3D action/RPG game. It will have a fantasy theme and will be built using the Unreal Engine 3. We will however keep a moderate scope in mind, whilst still attempting to c...

Views - 370

Time Left - 24 Days, 14 Hours

Last Man Interactive looking for members!

in Hobbyist Projects by alphawolfjmi

Hello all!We are Last Man Interactive, an innovative team of young talented developers from around the world. We are working together to create fantastic games and have a good time doing so.We are currently in the middle of producing two games: "L...

Views - 78

Time Left - 39 Days, 8 Hours

Composer/sound designer in search of interesting projects

in Audio Production by Philinarium

Hello!I'm a composer and sound designer looking for interesting and challenging projects!Examples of my musical works can be found here: http://www.soundcloud.com/vfsound .I can compose music in different genres that suits all styles of gameplay (...

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