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Hobbyist Projects

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Are you looking for a team to join or for someone to join your team? Post about it here. Note: This category of ads is to help hobbyists connect. Commercial game jobs should NOT be listed here.

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Views - 24

Time Left - 29 Days, 23 Hours

Looking for a Team to develop a S-RPG

in Hobbyist Projects by Timolu

Hi Everybody! This project will be a SRPG (or Tactical-RPG) like Fire Emblem, Disgaea, FF Tactics, a.s.o. The targetted plattform will most likely be android. I Am a computer Science master, but my coding skills are subpar to that of a dedicated...

Views - 229

Time Left - 29 Days, 2 Hours

Need Programmer - Text-Based RPG

in Hobbyist Projects by blink2

Hello. I go by blink. I have drafted a great design for a text-based RPG to serve as a prototype for a greater game in the future with an organized studio team. For now I need a programmer that can construct the program for me based on my bluepr...

Views - 230

Time Left - 29 Days, 2 Hours

3-4 programmers needed

in Hobbyist Projects by crimson_moon

Looking to build a engine for a action rpg. Possibly could be published as a working title if i can get it off the ground, which if it happens then compensation will be rewarded. Pre-requisites ~ must have experience in making rpgs, must be able...

Views - 241

Time Left - 28 Days, 12 Hours

Modellers and concept artists needed

in Hobbyist Projects by I M RON

Hello, I am recruiting for Teleria Studios. We are a serious group of developers who are hard at work on a fantasy, action/adventure game. The GDD is fully designed, we have a website up and running, and we almost have a complete team. For this pr...

Views - 339

Time Left - 27 Days, 8 Hours

Paid Position

2 positions open: Mobile App Marketer, 2D Graphic Artist

in Hobbyist Projects by 1337ingDisorder

Hi,I'm the owner/developer at Kitty Kazoo Games, a brand new start-up game dev company.Kitty Kazoo is currently just a pseudo-company I'm running off my living room coffee table. My first game, "Word Cascade" went live on the Google Play Store thi...

Views - 359

Time Left - 26 Days, 22 Hours

Cat in a Hat Studios - 2D Artist + Animator needed!

in Hobbyist Projects by Cat in a Hat Studios

Currently working on our debut game, Faded World Episode from the Color Chronicles lore series. Undergoing development phase, and we're currently looking for a new artist to spread out tasks and speed up the development process, as well as getting...

Views - 509

Time Left - 26 Days, 16 Hours

Want to join a hobby adventure project?

in Hobbyist Projects by Vollkrasser

Hi,I'm working on a little adventure game in the victorian style with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Work in progress you can see in the links below and here enclosed. The game will be free and playable for all without registration on the platfor...

Views - 392

Time Left - 26 Days, 14 Hours

Looking for programmers // PVP Dungeon Crawler

in Hobbyist Projects by eldwin11929

Hello!We're looking for programmers to help with the project (for the game here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=320154534&searchtext= )Please message if interested! ( eldwin11929@yahoo.com )We're using Unity, C#, and the...

Views - 563

Time Left - 25 Days, 13 Hours

Team needed for 16 bit action rpg

in Hobbyist Projects by TheNoobHunter

Hello I want to get a team together to make a SNES style action rpg similar to Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past. The story of the game is about a group of NPCs that know they're in a game. They refer to you as the "Player" not as your character....

Views - 520

Time Left - 25 Days, 2 Hours

Unity3d - Space Station Simulation...variation.

in Hobbyist Projects by theMartian

UPDATE:----With the amount of work to accomplish on this project, I've decided to partner up with two good candidates and we still have one position open for someone fascinated with AI simulations. It's a big chunk of the project and we'd be thril...

Views - 208

Time Left - 24 Days, 19 Hours

Paid Position

XNA Animation Fixer

in Hobbyist Projects by Nathan Drake

I have some models with their animations and I wanna load them into XNA or DigitalRune Engine. I could do that but unfortunately it will take some time and I'm not able to do that. (I have to submit before 29th March) since I'm student and I want...

Views - 145

Time Left - 24 Days, 13 Hours

Lead Programmer and Character Modeller needed (revenue sharing)

in Hobbyist Projects by I M RON

Greetings,I am the Founder and Director of Excelsion, a game development start-up. Our studio thrives upon the core principles of Diligence, Dedication and Respect, to nurture and grow our talents whilst we strive passionately to eventually reach...

Views - 499

Time Left - 24 Days, 13 Hours

Looking for people to form an indie gamedev team

in Hobbyist Projects by rayborn2095

hello Well I am looking for partners to ho surprise develop a game I am a designer at heart right but i have programing skills and some diverse but not profesional kind of skills. now im looking to form a team of 5 people at most an artists a prog...

Views - 644

Time Left - 23 Days, 2 Hours

Paid Position

Programmer Wanted for 2D Fighting Game Project

in Hobbyist Projects by GreatDragon AD

Hello:My name is Adrian Santos. I am Community Manager for an up and coming game development group called Respec Gaming Studios. We are currently working on a "2 vs 2" format 2D Fighting Game as our first project called S.H.I.F.T. This project hav...

Views - 438

Time Left - 19 Days, 8 Hours

LF 2D / 3D Artists for Simple Projects

in Hobbyist Projects by Twinnuke

Working on a few simple 2D and 3D projects that do not require major amounts of art. Art will be low poly with simple textures so creativity can flourish. Models / Textures will be used in Unity 5. While I don't expect much money to come from th...

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