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Posted 12 November 2012 - 11:47 PM

Go look at the other one, this was a mistake. Sorry guys
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Posted 12 November 2012 - 11:42 PM

"Give me some nice, fresh, perspective."
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So there's this new, little review website on the web. And when I say new, I mean we launched last Wednesday.
And now the line you knew was coming: You should go check it out!
Before I give you the link though, I'd like to tell you why.
Those of us who are writing for the site have recently decided what we want to do with the power we are given by the site.
As a review website, we have the chance to alter the way games are treated. We are college students who want the world to appreciate these little gems as more than just toys. Games have the potential to stand among the other great artistic mediums.
Personally, I want to see there be sections in English classes that deal entirely with video games. Imagine taking a class called "Narrative: From Shakespeare to Shooters". Wouldn't that be awesome?
So this is our goal at Source World Gaming: to portray video games as an artistic medium rather than a toy.
This means several things.
1. What are usually reviews, in our case, will be more of a critique. We will be talking directly to the developer, rather than to potential players. We figure in this way we can kill two birds with one stone: inform potential players, and improve the general quality of games by showering praise on quality work while not only condemning, but offering suggestions for improvement to low quality games.
2. This policy will affect the crowd that will be reading this article quite a lot. It means you have a new view of your games. Most of our writers don't want to create video games (I'm the only one as far as I know). And we're talking about what we want out of games. We, the consumer, are directly telling you what we want. This also means we expect to see them fulfilled where possible. Our demands aren't extreme. At the broadest level, we simply want games treated with the same respect movies and books are afforded.
3. And to make your jobs even easier, we are about to start a set of series aimed at talking about aspects of games by comparing several, rather than seeing each in its own light as we do in our 'reviews'. In these we are basically telling you what we like, what we dont, and most importantly why. We also might just spit ball some ideas.

The most important thing about our site is that we want it to be viewed as a conversation, not us dictating to you. If you want to give us info, or be interviewed (preferably you have a game finished or in the works) feel free to make yourselves known to us. Also, if you have topics you want us to talk about, shoot us emails or post in comments.

Now that I've explained our site, I encourage everyone to go check it out. Keep in mind that we are brand new, and a lot of the things I just spelled out will take time to implement. We don't want to screw up by giving out false information or by explaining concepts that are shallow because of lack of thought. We want to improve the worlds perception of video games, so we're taking this seriously.

Once more, heres the link: www.sourceworldgaming.com

Thanks guys,