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#ActualNorman Barrows

Posted 05 March 2013 - 05:55 PM

accidental double post

#1Norman Barrows

Posted 05 March 2013 - 05:54 PM

while checking into SAS's and K-dimensional trees, it occurred to me that i never did a "in awareness bbox" check in the loop for select target before calculating range. so i added that to set_wild_tgt, which is the target selection routine used by the critters in the test case.  timed it, no major difference. then out of curiosity, i put a trace on it to count the number of times it checks range while selecting the target for a critter. adding "in awareness bbox" cut the number of range checks from one to zero. basically, its not doing any range checks at all, and trivially rejects everything as inactive, same species, or "can't see them through all this overgrowth".


when i was reorganizing the AI, I added traces to track the current target and AI state of an animal (the first critter in the herd). according to all the traces, critters never check range, don't have a target, and just transition between stand, wander, and flock AI states. so any further slowdown is in the expert system that handles state changes, or in the runstate() routine that executes the various AI states. time for more timing tests, or a quick look at the code to see if some parts are obviously fast or slow. but at this point, the speed the game is running at is pretty decent. but there is that up to 5 second lag in targeting.