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Posted 18 April 2013 - 09:33 PM


Get in the dome.


Posted 18 April 2013 - 09:29 PM


The reason this style is bad is because it's inconsistent and doesnt align the matching braces.  The opening brace is at the end of the first line of the code block, while the closing grace is inexplicably on its own line after the code block.  No consistency whatsoever.  Since you're aligning the end-brace with code instead of an open-brace, that open brace might not even be there and you'd never notice until the compile fails, which might be a significant amount of time wasted on big projects.


It's not bad. It's just not the style you use. The end brace matches the block owning statement. It reads very naturally to people who prefer that style.

And how exactly do you know what style I use?


I tried to make an argument based on logic, which if you actually read what I wrote, is why I gave concrete reasons for my claim.  I didnt just say "this style is bad, period".  Now, you can disagree with me, but please stop implying that what I'm saying is just because I'm biased.  That's just disrespectful.  Also, trying to tell me what I do or dont do is disrespectful.   You have no idea what style I use, or have used in the past, or will use in the future.


Yes, I understand that a certain style is easier to read for people who are used to that style.  I probably even said something like that in a previous post.  But I'm not arguing that you should change your style, I'm arguing for what style is technically better, so that people starting out will adopt that style.  A lot of people seem to take criticism of their personally preferred style personally, even if it's not intended as personal.




You're asserting that one is bad and the other is not.


That's a bias, boss. Get in the dome.