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#ActualTom Sloper

Posted 22 April 2013 - 05:24 PM



Posted 22 April 2013 - 02:48 PM

Hi all, I'm a (fairly, 2012) recent 3D art grad with 2 years of exp in the games industry. 
I'm looking to put together a team of utterly dedicated indie devs to apply for the new government grants (pre production and production) and setup an indie studio and focus for a solid year on a GDD I am putting together for release to iPhone, Android and Steam. Its so exciting to think that we might be able to bring together some people with the dedication and skill to be able to build on what I have, and flesh out the full GDD, tech, financials and market plans the government needs and create a studio both identity and culture!
I am looking to put together some experienced guys and girls, apply for the grant, and get us paid and working from day one on a game, no one works for free, I just want to meet people who are like me and want the same thing. Its tough it seems, and the deadline is fast approaching. 
The plan is essentially to meet up, see if we gel over some drinks, and then fast get to work on refining the game design, prepping the docs for the application, and if all goes well, securing the people we need to get started. I don't have stars in my eyes, its a simple, beautiful indie title designed to give us enough funding to make another one, and so on, until we have a viable studio. Essentially, the focus is the game, for the games sake, if we build it for this reason, it will all come. The experience, the emotional connection and the gorgeous visuals and narrative is what I want us to focus on. Success will stem from that, I am sure...
If your'e interested  please get in contact. This isn't an unpaid job, I'm not soliciting art, code design, I am starting a studio with the new announcements from the government. And I don't want to do it alone...
Chat to you soon.