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Posted 10 July 2013 - 12:46 PM

Opensource remake of original game

One can read about original game in wikipedia:

Genre: simcity
Begin of development: fall of 2012. In summer of 2013 project migrated to GitHub
Platform: PC (Windows/Linux/BSD)
Graphics: SDL/OpenGL
Resources: images are taken from original game (Caesar 3™, Imressions Games™)
License: GNU GPL
Sound: SDL
Screenshots: https://github.com/gecube/opencaesar3/wiki/Screenshots

Project targets: make fully functional port of original game with some
lovely additions

What is done:
- tile engine
- loading of resources from archives
- displaying of buildings, land, walkers/actors, roads and so on
- loading of maps and original scenarios
- minimap
- building and destroying of constructions
- leveling of houses (evolving and devolving in dependence of nearborhood)
- desirability effect
- water layer computing for fountains and reservoirs
- algorithms for prefecture, engineering post and other service buildings
- different map overlays
- moving goods between buildings (cart pushers, market lady)
- searching of supplies for fabric buildings (furniture, pottery, weapons)
- getting of resources in appropriate buildings (farms, iron mines, clay pits)
- advisors screens and information windows and panels
- saving / loading of game
- pathfinding algorithms (A*, RLee)
- building menu

Hardware requirements
CPU    1.5GHz
RAM    <1GB
Video    <256MB, OpenGL

Building instructions with CMake:


Posted 24 April 2013 - 07:51 AM

We do Caesar3 clone.
Genre - a town-planning simulator 
In development - since summer of 2012
Platform: Win\Linux\Mac (not ready yet)
If who doesn't know that it for game, it is possible to read on Wiki http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caesar_III.
While all forces are directed to repetition of original game.
-  people go, prefects protect, engineers repair etc. 
- buildings collapse and burn.
- it is possible to build buildings, roads, aqueducts.
- the market, factories, entertainments works.
Plans (close):
- dealers
- assistants
- all the rest
Plans (far):
- multiplayer on big cards. It very much didn't get in the childhood.
P.S. I don't look for the help in development (but time guzzles a great lot), I show that turned out.
Screens here:
Demo screw: