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Game Console Hacking: Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Game Boy, Atari and Sega ***--

Game Console Hacking: Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Game Boy, Atari and Sega By Joe Grand, Albert Yarusso, Ralph H. Baer, Marcus R. Brown, Frank Thornton
Published January 2005
List Price: $44.95, Your Amazon.com Price: $38.72

Amazon.com Sales Rank: 441,639
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In November of 1977, Atari shipped its first 400,000 Video Computer Systems. Since that time, over 1.2 billion consoles have been sold worldwide, and a large percentage of those are still hanging around as "classic systems". An avid (some would say rabid) community of video game hackers and hardware geeks has developed around a common passion to push their consoles, and the games themselves, beyond the functionality originally intended by the manufacturers. This book is the first on the market to cover the entire range of consoles produced over the last 25 years (most game hacks and geeks own multiple platforms). It provides detailed instructions on how to customize and reconfigure consoles to a wide variety of ends--from the cosmetic case modifications to the ambitious porting of Linux to the Nintendo GameCube. Platforms covered in this book include Atari, Sega, Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox, and Game Boy.

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