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AI Game Programming Wisdom (AI Game Programming Wisdom (W/CD)) ****-

AI Game Programming Wisdom (AI Game Programming Wisdom (W/CD)) By Steve Rabin
Published April 2002
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Amazon.com Sales Rank: 936,164
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The first volume in a new series, similar to Game Programming Gems, but focusing specifically on AI. More than 70 articles by 30+ industry veterans.

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I can not understand how this book and the "gems 1\2\3 " series can have so high ratings.
I do not mean it is a disaster , but most of the articles are so short that they are of little use.
In my opinion it deserves 3 stars, no more
I'm usually not one to bookmark things, highlight them or dogear pages. However, I have noticed with this book an ever-increasing number of paper clips sticking out of the top. Coming from me, that's a testament to how valuable this book is as a resource. One impressive feature is that many of the "gems" use examples from the author's game(s). For those of us that have played those games, it makes for a fabulous way of seeing the specific technique being used - usually accompanied by "so THAT's how they did it!" I recommend this book highly!
I Obtained this book, a few weeks back and have been unable to put it down!
The Best book I have come accross for Agent Behaviors. Is a good source for A* path finding, trigger systems, Scripting, Genetic Algorithms, Neural Networks, (AI Learning Systems).
It's Great.
This is an excelent book, I'd rate it up there with Game Programming Gems 1. It's a must have for the serious game developer. The chapters cover everything from Scripting Engines, Group Tatics, to generic trigger systems and A* pathfinding. It's worth every penny.
I recieved this book yesterday, ahhh, heaven in a cover. This book is awesome!!!! An absolutely awesome reference to the problems AI programmers come across, if you are looking to advance the AI in your game pick up this book, the articles are very thorough and present the material very well. Get this book now!!! What are you reading this for??? Leave now, your nearest mall, borders, barnes and nobles, any decent bookstore. Flock now.....
I just finished reading my copy, and I'm fairly impressed. It's nice that they often give multiple points-of-view on the same subject. Note: Several articles refer back to Game Programming Gems 1 and 2, so I recommend that you get those as well to fully appreciate this book.
I actually haven't got this book (yet) but I was at the snack-party Charles River Media held at GDC and browsed through the book and read some selected chapters.

And basically, I doubt there is any other resource packed with that much high quality hands-on no-nonsense not-just-suited-for-beginners information about AI (and related) programming for games.

I'll order my copy very soon and I recommend anyone else interested in this topic to do the same.
It's hardly perfect (several chapters, such as the scripting engine, should never have been accepted for publication) and the quality of any given chapter is hit or miss, but I can't think of a better book currently out on this topic

If you don't already know, this book is a collection of short papers by several authors, each of which wrote about what they wanted. Don't expect this book to cover all the important topics or be an intro to AI book. But many of the authors are pros and half-way decent writers so many of the chapters are pretty detailed on the things they do cover and some, like van der Stern's terrain analysis, are wonderful
This book is very good in some respects and not so good in others. The high-level abstract discussion of techniques and approaches for various goals is rather good, but the closer you get to actual code and implementation the worse things become. If you're skilled at turning ideas into code and just need some expansion on good ideas, this is a good book. If you're looking for something giving you tips on actually coding AI or copy&paste code, stay away.
This is one of my favourite game development books. Overall the standard of writing is high, although by its very anthological nature each chapter can feel very unique in terms of style and quality. This largely works in its favour, as it keeps the content and presentation fresh. You also know that you are largely seeing articles written by people who have used the given technique, as opposed to some books by single authors which attempt to cover a lot of ground but gloss over the author's least preferred techniques.

The obvious subjects such as fuzzy logic, A*, state machines, and scripting are covered, but perhaps of most interest are the articles on less common ideas such as response curves, blackboard architectures, n-gram statistical models, and inference engines. Many of these ideas come from the more academic side of AI, but are presented in a gaming context, sidestepping the usual criticism that academic AI and gaming AI are quite distinct.

I would have no hesitation in awarding this book the full five stars, if not for the fact that a few of the chapters are merely tantalising glimpses at what is possible and sadly provide little help in implementing the feature described within. For example, the treatment of Bayesian networks is intriguing but refers you to other works in order to see how to implement them. Likewise, the Camera AI for Replays section explains a lot of interesting terminology but pretty much admits that the main work should be left to the artist or designer, negating much need for any artificial intelligence.

So in summary, here is a great book that covers a wealth of concepts, only let down by the occasional chapter that doesn't live up to the others. Still, a must-have for any prospective AI developer.