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C++ For Game Programmers (Game Development Series) -----

C++ For Game Programmers (Game Development Series) By Mike Dickheiser
Published October 2006
List Price: $49.95, Your Amazon.com Price: $49.95

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C++ for Game Programmers, Second Edition is a completely updated and expanded edition of this best-selling reference. Written for experienced C++ programmers entering the game industry and seasoned game programmers looking for ways to improve their skills, this book teaches how to use C++ efficiently for game development. The book covers essential areas of C++ that are critical to developing peak performing games with solid memory management. It explains how to use the STL, particularly as it relates to specific consoles, and this new edition includes three completely new chapters on scripting languages, advanced serialization, and advanced memory management. The techniques presented apply to all aspects of game programming including graphics, physics, AI. This is an essential resource that every game developer should have!

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