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Game Programming for Teens, Second Edition ****-

Game Programming for Teens, Second Edition By Maneesh Sethi
Published May 2005
List Price: $29.99, Your Amazon.com Price: $25.23

Amazon.com Sales Rank: 2,309,315
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"Game Programming for Teens, Second Edition" takes you on a comprehensive journey through the art of game programming. Truly beginning at step one, you will learn the nuances of the BASIC language. You will begin with instructions on basic coding, such as operators and statements, as you get an introduction to the language in general. You will then learn how to work with graphics. By the end of the book, you will cover the skills of sounds and music and artificial intelligence. "Game Programming for Teens, Second Edition" is light on theory and heavy on practical applications. Many diagrams and sample programs are included to help you understand each concept in full. This book gives you an exciting introduction to the field of game programming and encourages you to seek out more substantial, theory-driven books.

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THe dude who rights these "game programming for teens" is a mastermind...THe 2nd edition is just the first edition with the knowlegde applying to a newer version of Blitz Basic..Blitz plus i think. Well anyways his books never leave u in the dark and teaches everything he could teach...after the books over with you would be able to make Mario-styled games like a pro ..4 stars on this one
While I don't have this book I do have the first Ed. I already knew a fair amount about programing from my calculator and from some very simple C++ so the examples that this book showed me weren't that bad but if you know nothing some of them can make you think a little. The book really did inspire me to go forward and purchase Blitz3d from blitzbasic.com
Sam Erb
I think this book was really good. Actually I started game programming because of this book. for that reason I'm pritty good at programming in blitz basic,+,and 3d.
I am a teen and I must say that it isn't really for teens. Its for 12 year olds, or even lower. I don't want to be sad to the guy who wrote it, it is good in its own way, but I can understand most books which aren't classified as teen, and I can make better games than what he showed. That is just my opinion, maybe other teens will find it useful.