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Game Development Books

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Programming Mutliplayer FPS Direct X (Charles River Media Game Development) *****

Programming Mutliplayer FPS Direct X (Charles River Media Game Development) By Vaughan Young
Published December 2004
List Price: $49.95, Your Amazon.com Price: $41.65

Amazon.com Sales Rank: 284,463
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If you have experience with C++ and DirectX and have always wanted to program your own game, this is the book for you. Programming a Multiplayer FPS in DirectX takes you from the basic game design to a fully functioning game! All of the source code, assets, and tools are included'you just work through the tutorial-based chapters and watch the game come to life as you develop it. And as new features are added, you can begin playing with them to see them in action.

Following a typical game development process, the book is separated into two distinct parts: Part One focuses on the design and development of the game engine, and Part Two concentrates on putting the game together using the engine. The theory has been kept to a minimum, so that you are following a hands-on approach and adding new functionality to your engine as you proceed. In the first part, you'll learn about the many facets of DirectX, C++, and object-oriented programming. You'll also learn how to design the engine and put the infrastructure into place. The next chapters will each add a new module to your engine including input, scripting, 3D rendering, sound, networking, and scene management. The second part covers the final development stages, including everything from game play to player management; it culminates with the complete multiplayer FPS game.

Throughout the book you'll learn key topics that will bring you up to speed with industry proven techniques, while improving your confidence as a developer. And because DirectX is the most prevalent game development tool available, once you master this project, you'll have the skills you need to create a variety of games!


  • Provides a detailed, step-by-step approach through the creation of a complete multiplayer FPS
  • Covers a variety of key topics beyond the basics needed for the game creation, including occlusion culling and scene management
  • Prepares users with the skills needed to code using the latest DirectX API
  • Includes a companion CD-ROM with all the source code and assets for the complete game, the DirectX SDK, and other useful tools

On the CD!

  • All of the source code and assets used to create the complete game
  • The DirectX SDK 9.0c installation package used to develop the code in the book
  • Panda DirectX Exporter (by Andy Tather) to use in conjunction with 3ds max to produce meshes in .x file format
  • Paint Shop Pro fullfeatured, trial version' great for creating textures
  • Improved Collision Detection Article (by Kasper Fauerby): provides more details about the collision detection algorithm used in the sample game

Find out more at coderedgames.com

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GO to http://www.coderedgames.com/ ->this is the site of the book explaining everything about it + forum etc;
I recently purchased this book and it is awesome...It explains almost everything in detail and the final product is really cool...Check out the competition on the website (coderedgames.com). The author is also very supportive and personally answered a lot of my questions. Buy this book. The only thing that I did not like is that the author did not put the code into organised figures rather just put it on the page and had all the code from each chapter piled into one VS project. Otherwise this book is absolutely perfect. You only need to know C++ and some really basic windows and directx programming to understand it, but I would recommend a little more in depth knowledge. So...In the words of another reviewer:
if(You know c++ && you are comfortable with directx and windows)
Buy this book;
Very nice book. Explains how to build an engine from the ground up in an easy to understand way. My only problem is that he sometimes skips over a subject because he says it is to lengthy and difficlult for a begginner's book. This is perfectly reasonable, but if I wanted to go write my own engine after reading the book, I would have no idea how to implement collision detection.

Overall, it's great and I'm definitly entering the contest.