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The Complete Effect and Hlsl Guide -----

The Complete Effect and Hlsl Guide By St-Laurent Sebastien, Sebastien St-Laurent
Published July 2005
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The topic of The Complete Effect and HLSL Guide is shader development and management, and therefore it is written for any developers who have some interest in being efficient at using and integrating shaders within their applications. This book is written to serve as both a teaching and reference manual, making it a must-have to everybody from hobbyist programmers to professional developers. The approach taken throughout The Complete Effect and HLSL Guide makes it the perfect book for anyone who wants to integrate shaders into their application and take advantage of the power of the DirectX effect framework and the HLSL shading language.

This book features:

  • Introduction to both the HLSL shading language and effect file development including their detailed syntax and use.
  • Complete reference along with performance considerations to every HLSL and assembly shader instructions.
  • Introdution the DirectX Effect Framework and complete overview to its API.
  • Optimization tips and tricks to make the best out of your shaders.
  • Coverage of all the main components of the Effect Framework in addition to putting the pieces of the puzzle together allowing you to develop a shader management framework.

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