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Beginning Math Concepts for Game Developers -----

Beginning Math Concepts for Game Developers By John P. Flynt, Ph.D., Boris Meltreger
Published January 1970
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Successful game programmers understand that in order to take their skills beyond the basics, they must have an understanding of central math topics; however, finding a guide that explains how these topics relate directly to games is not always easy. Beginning Math Concepts for Game Developers is the solution! It includes several hands-on activities in which basic math equations are used for the creation of graphs and, ultimately, animations. By the time you finish, you will have developed a complete application from the ground up that allows you to endlessly explore game development scenarios for 2D games. If you have a basic understanding of programming essentials and a desire to hone your math skills, then get ready to take a unique journey that examines what is possible when you combine game development with basic math concepts.



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