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Official Butterfly.net Game Developer's Guide (Wordware Game Developer's Library) -----

Official Butterfly.net Game Developer's Guide (Wordware Game Developer's Library) By Andrew Mulholland
Published September 2004
List Price: $49.95, Your Amazon.com Price: $35.40

Amazon.com Sales Rank: 10,673,354
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The Butterfly Grid is a multilayered architecture that provides a platform-independent window into a massively multiplayer world. For gamers, it means an unlimited number of varied devices can seamlessly connect to one world. For developers, it offers an easy-to-use API and toolset for integration with a game engine. Official Butterfly.net Game Developer's Guide details how to implement the Butterfly Grid in existing and new game projects to minimize the complexity of network programming, allowing the game developer to concentrate on game design and programming, and culminates in the development of a massively multiplayer game prototype.

* Learn how to use the Crystal Space 3D engine.

* Integrate the Object Management System with an existing application.

* Find out how to build a GUI, add signup and login capabilities, and implement chat in an application.

* Develop a massively multiplayer game prototype using the Butterfly Grid technology.

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