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OpenGL Programming for Windows 95 and Windows NT *----

OpenGL Programming for Windows 95 and Windows NT By Ron Fosner
Published November 1996
List Price: $44.99, Your Amazon.com Price: $44.99

Amazon.com Sales Rank: 4,716,561
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Ron Fosner provides tips and teaches techniques enabling Windows programmers to optimize OpenGL performance on the Windows platform. Topics include model and view matrices, bitmaps and texturing, and manipulating OpenGL objects. Numerous programming examples in C are provided.

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I disagree with the abover posters somewhat - this book was the best OpenGL book for windows when it was published. Now I like the OpenGL Superbible better. The Superbible doesn't really talk about animation that much while this book (contrary to Capt.Obvious) does. I used this book in uni and the code compiled fine (if you have MFC). We used if for the whole semester.
One of the worst book that I own !!
Don't waste your time (money) reading this book. There is a lot of documentation (free) that you can find in this site.
This book offers nothing. I would say that a little less than fifty percent of the code examples have errors in them, and everything in the book could be learned by reading a basic OpenGL tutorial on the web. If I remember correctly, the book doesn't even touch on animation. Definitely not worth the money!
getting this book these days, in 08/2003, it's not worth the money, spend on it; it's very simple, most parts are understandable but don't expect any real professional knowledge/insight from this book; it teaches just a little bit more than the essential basic.
included source code is not useable, the CD could be kicked into the trash bin.

today, there are so many real good OpenGL tutorials outside there, that reading this book/spending money on it would be crapped time.