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MAYA Design

We’re a design consultancy and technology research lab. At heart, we’re designers who have an intense desire to turn human experiences with technology products into positive, fruitful interactions. Our clients aren’t insulated from innovation by gatekeepers or handlers. Everyone at MAYA is a practitioner.

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Senior Game Designer

Date Posted: February 25, 2011
Category: Designer
Employer: MAYA Design
Type: Full-time
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
MAYA is looking for a few brave individuals to help us change the world. The person should dream in game mechanics, shout stories from the rooftops, eat ideas, and poop prototypes (bonus points for resisting scatological references in your reply while being able to prove that you do in fact make doodles, atoms, and even the occasional bits.)

If you can't not make things, don't not consider not passing up this call to arms! If you can't not draw (even crappy little doodles), don't not call. If you take serious gaming seriously enough to want to actually go farther than cutting ropes and tending crops, if you can take classic game design skills beyond the traditional gaming medium, if you want to work over there on the next mountain, the one that is trillions of devices high and billions of parsecs wide (rather than the sad little mountain of mobile apps and cloud bursts, and trivial little doomed sunsets of web crap everyone is trapped on today) than maybe you should talk to us. If you're ready to put your skills to use building gaming into the fabric of reality and saving humanity from the children's crusade of the complexity industries, if you want to learn about what nature can teach us about computing ecologies, if you can lead by serving rather than talking, if you want to help us set the direction for our practice when it comes to behavior, motivation, rewards, and community, if you are the best kind of designer instead of the worst kind of artist (hint: if you can adopt your client's agenda and bring your creativity to the challenge while subverting your solipsistic gaze in the mirror of your own agenda), if you are humble and confident and have already done the impossible once or twice before. If you cry when you see or learn something new or experience something created by someone else that is truly the mark of a virtuoso and strive to become more than you are, to help people live richer and more healthy lives, I really do beg you to contact us because we are few and hidden and lonely on this windy pass and need fellow travelers to help us find our way. Send us something inspiring and let's talk.

Content to be treated like Foie gras in the cages of yet another game farm hoping your precious pixels will someday see the light of day in the reflection of some poor sucker's eyes as they search endlessly for more bread and circuses? Good luck to you my friend we were there and almost didn't look away. You will always have a home and safety and never have to worry your pretty little head over the fate of humanity or treating sick people before we all become borgified by the one more thing/do no evil/open source is god hegemony. Stick with cosmetic face lifts and glory in the 15 minutes of warholian fame and resist commenting about this to anyone for it will only bring shame and ruin.

Questions? No we don't want you to even apply if you don't have a relevant degree (BFA, BS, MFA, MS) or experience or if you aren't fun to play with. No we don't care if you can use all the fancy new tools and platforms and software but we do care if you can learn any tool you need to make your idea. Yes we're more interested in makers of jigs than crafters of folk art (but you knew that right?) Yes we spun out of Carnegie Mellon University 20 odd years ago and proudly call Pittsburgh home, we did indeed form as an interdisciplinary research lab made up of cognitive psychologists, computer scientists, and designers, no we have never taken any outside funding or debt, and have been successful one way or the other for all twenty of those years (though I won't say we didn't fight tooth and nail to survive a few of those while the world reeled from dotbomb to default swap madness), and yes we've spun out multiple companies, worked with tribes in the rainforest, and saved countless lives from roadside bombs.

Resumes can be sent to resumes@maya.com


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