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We have 4 x Pro Licences (valued at $59 each) for 2d modular animation software Spriter to give away in this Thursday's GDNet Direct email newsletter.

Read more in this forum topic or make sure you're signed up (from the right-hand sidebar on the homepage) and read Thursday's newsletter to get in the running!

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Dominion - Episode 1  by Mak    *****


Time Spent: 5 hours (for the Ringworld itself)
Date Added: Dec 01 2012 01:23 PM

Here's one of the Ringworlds we're planning on putting into Dominion if it gets off the ground!

I've covered this in my Journal, but thought it worth a shot at IotD ;)

This Ringworld gives roughly 186,000 times the surface area of Earth - so represents a substantial texturing challenge! At the moment its a tiled planet surface as R & D, but the final beast will have a constantly changing surface all the way around - perturbed from a seeded "starter" texture.

The scene above shows the cloud layer, and the shadows evident on the surface of the Ring itself. Right now there is no "night" - the entire Ringworld is lit 24x7. Larry Niven's Ringworld had a solution for this (shadow panels closer to the star) but I'm thinking along different lines - yet to be confirmed.

It also shows a space-station orbiting above the Ring surface - the primary point for interacting with the Ring's inhabitants in Episode 1. The station is a placeholder - being a pre-bought model available on Turbosquid.

Solar radiation will be buffered away from the Ring surface by a vast force-field - which also contains the atmosphere inside. Solar energy is diverted around the Ring itself and then collected by energy harvesters along the dark-side to be used to power the huge force-field arrays, amongst other things.

You can fly to any point on the Ringworld - it's not a baked scene, it's a physical construct existing to scale in the game-engine. Flying above the surface is something to be seen ;) But for now I've left it as a special "Backer" treat on my kickstarter project page.  
666 - my own bespoke cross-platform game engine. (PC/Mac/Linux/iOS), written in C/C++, and using OpenGL for the graphics API - with Shaders.

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A link to your project site and/or kickstarter, and maybe a few more images/video would be great!